Strong Hands - Bitcoin Dares You! [bitcoin][cryptocurrency]

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Bitcoin Wins!

This will be a short inspirational post for all those still believing and/or hodling Bitcoin, Steem and other cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin seems to be holding the line at around $6000, and is now building or consolidating its base at this level.
Don't be surprised if the whole market goes sideways for a while.
There will be some winners and losers, but overall Bitcoin is and always will be the "Grand Daddy" of them all.
Bitcoin's fate will generally affect the rest of the market. So goes Bitcoin, so goes the rest of the cryptos.

But in the end, Bitcoin wins.
Bitcoin Always Wins!

Anyone have a reason why?

Full Steem Ahead!

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It is a "baby" market and easy to manipulate but with the time the things will be strong and healthy i mean i think the future of crypto market will lead almost any bussines and the market itself will have a "controlled" volatility and will be atrative for a lot of investor, and the cryptos will be supported for a lot of companies to be at the forefront, we're early adopters and we will reward for that :). Regards

Strong hands who know the future potential will hold it for sure no time to panic just believe :)
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This world of cryptocurrencies is like that, good days and bad days. But at the end of the day elbitcoin has shown that it is quite strong

Absolutely right there is no question about Bitcoin is making the all other altcoin price.

Although you have a short post @streetstyle, but I completely agree with you, because Bitcoin is the gold of crypto currencies and it will always be stronger than others!

I completely agree with you, no matter how it was there at this particular moment Bitcoin will always be ahead

While everything coincides with the schedule of mining complexity, the market certainly gives its price, but it is unreliable. @cleverbot


What is the purpose of suffering?

Hello navigating in steemit come here and captivated my attention, the Crypto world without a doubt although you have your ups and downs is the future

I'm from Venezuela and I hope to read soon more interesting posts like the ones I see here, greetings!

¡Bitcoin siempre gana! no hay dudas


People always buy bitcoin at the end of the day, the cycle continues :)


is that you holding 30 bitcoin?


NO! 30K :)) Fresh wallet from today by someone, certainly not me


image kinda of small, so that's 30,000 bitcoin, WOW!!


yeah you have to open it in a new window to see all the dates and stuff. Sorry about that:)


we can not trust because it is a constant unbalance what happens with the price of cryptocurrency.

Good morning @streetstyle, Bitcoin always wins, since we are taking this for granted, the fiduciary market has already some ups and downs, the big whales buy the cryptocurrencies that the frightened sell, fill their coffers and have a future domain. For me it is important to have an economic support to leave my cryptocurrencies in my wallet, if it does not touch me the bonanza, it is left to my son, this is enough for me, so I will continue to hold.
Have a nice day:)

I share these sentiments of yours. BTC is the king of them all. Whether it is bear or butterfly or whatever it is called, BTC will come out strong and big. Cheers!


Why do you think that is, @gandhibaba ?


@streetstyle I hold these beliefs because wall street and other big fishes are coming to BTC already with billions of dollars to invest. Also, BTC is closer to its max supply than it has ever been. What does this tell us? Scarcity. And that should shoot up prices in the next few months.

Eso esperamos todos @streetstyle que el Bitcoin siempre gane y con ello pueda arrastrar a las otras Cryptos en especial al Steem. Saludos desde Venezuela y una pregunta que le habia pasado que tenia una semana que no publicaba amigo.

it's a great theme ..great to share....


Bitcoin is the dad of crypto currencies,I totally appriciate with your post,Hopefully price of botcoin going up soon,thanks for sharing this valuable post,

Dad is always dad and when dad is happy, kids will automatically get happy ;)

Yeah Bitcoin wanna have a strong hand.

Well not going anywhere ;)

Lets see where it takes us ;)

great informations.
well done @streetstyle

esperamos que el bitcoin gane y asi de realce al steem,es la esperanza de todos,gracias por compartir su buen escrito y por el apoyo brindado.Saludos @streestyle y feliz noche

Bitcoin is decentralized and distributed currency, that's probably one of its biggest strength

Bitcoin dominance was 57 when the previous bull run came, and it's now 56 plus, when it start decreasing, money will come into alts and then alt will start rising, it's what happens in the past and it will happen in the future, we just need to keep calm and believe!

Yes. Btc has great strenght to win over all. Many people but btc on there savings and at the end.

esperando contar siempre con su aporte amigo gracias y feliz dia