Is bitcoin going to hit the ground ?

in #bitcoin3 years ago

With all the speculation and rumors going around is bitcoin in serious trouble? We have seen unprecedented growth in the most popular crypto currency , but do all good things come to an end ? The current situation last night has been described as a dead cat bounce, will bitcoin continue to plummet while the alt coins continue into orbit ? Any opinions to these questions are welcome and only time will tell who has the right prediction .


Don't believe bitcoin is dead..this is a buying opportunity...Dead cat bounce...well, we need a bigger decline....and then a bounce...Too early to bring the cat to the table👍

I think with the plans for implementing the lightning network that this is improbable but not sure where you define "ground". Once lightning is in place, I expect BTC to rebound with a vengeance. There may be some good opportunities to buy in the interim.

Found a helpful link with more technical details:

Bitcoin is the original and it will endure. Bitcoin cash is crashing already and bitcoin is already recovering its high price.

Me too i cant wait to get my pc up and running so i can vuy some too 😊

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Can you underatand to me about bitcoin.

There is alot to expain about bitcoin , basically its a decentralized currency available to the masses through blockchain technology . Look into what a block chain is and how these currencies are created. There is a lot of research to be done until you will understand fully what bitcoins and other crypto currencies are . My advice is just start u tubing until you get the basics , im still only pretty new to the crypto game myself 😊 thanks very much for your great comment , i hope i helped you get the ball rolling .

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