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Companies from different Industries, Political campaigns, and many more Services are accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate source of payment moreover, people around the world have also begun accepting Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, since there are many implications to Blockchain Technology

It turns out Businesses and Governments from around the World are slowly accepting Virtual Currencies, as they partner up with upcoming Third-party Bitcoin services that act as middleman to facilicate the exchange of Cryptocurrency directly to Fiat Currency

Some companies like Dell and the other big names started accepting Bitcoin due to an aggressive marketing campaign by Coinbase which included having their first $1 million worth of transactions processed for free. This was especially the case in 2014, when Bitcoin prices crashed the following years due to the Mt.Gox hack which prompt many established Companies to stop accepting Bitcoin while some resuming Bitcoin payments the following to years come

My guess is that all these companies have stopped accepting Bitcoin due to lack of consumer use and/or eventually no longer having free transaction processing from Coinbase. Some Merchants may have stopped using Bitcoin due to fees or its long confirmations, but main reason is because not enough people were using Cryptocurrencies for Merchant purchases to matter

Keep in mind, that many of these Services may not directly invest in Bitcoin due to it's volatile nature which categorizes it as a high-risk investment, as it's still relatively new technology yet to gain more accepted by not just the general public but also Financial Markets

It would be a huge mistake not to accept these upcoming Digital Currencies as a form of payment especially as it's widely gaining accepted around the World, with many praising it as ''disruptive tech''.

Usually, these Companies will use Third-party services like Bitpay & Cryptopay to have direct access to the Bitcoin Markets, allowing Merchants a solution to avoid speculating Bitcoin as an investment but instead use it rather as form of payment method

Cryptocurrencies right now are deemed High risk investment, a Business will be reluctant to speculate Bitcoin Market, this is especially true for big Corporations who have too much at stake or small companies that can't risk their profit by holding Bitcoin

To stay more relevant, Businesses should thrive to offer greater Cutomer service, recognizing Cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange by simply having to partner up with Independent Services that act as an payment processor, but at same time provide a easy solution for both Clients and Merchants to start accepting Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies payments

The following are the list are the companies that accept Bitcoin:


Valve has partnered with Bitcoin payment service Bitpay to bring everyone's favorite Cryptocurrency to games platform Steam. It's the Worlds most popular Online gaming platform with more than 125 Million users, who can now easily buy a game paid for with Bitcoin


A company that sells big ticket items at lower prices due to overstocking. You can now buy thousands of Overstock.com products with Bitcoins! They've partnered with Coinbase to become the first major retailer to accept the digital currency. So shop away!


Users can buy content with Bitcoin on Xbox and Windows store

Virgin Galactic

250,000 US Dollars or 98 Bitcoins (at 2572$/BTC). This is what a Space travel costs with Virgin Galactic, Virgin Group’s company that is specialized in space tourism. Virgin’s founder, billionaire businessman Richard Branson, in an interview for CNBC, stating he invested in Bitcoin in the past and has show support for this Digital Currency by accepting it as form of payment, with BTC you buy a ticket to Space!

Save the Children

Global charity organization, make a donation via bitcoin. One of the World's leading children's charity working in 120 countries that provide Education, Healthcare & Disaster relief for children & protect their rights


eGifter now accepts bitcoins as a way to purchase gift cards, use it to shop on popular platforms like Amazon
FireShot Capture 3 - Bitcoin to Gift Cards I eGifter - https___www.egifter.com_bitcoin_.png


One of the world’s most popular dating sites, will now introduce Bitcoin to millions of people who have yet to hear of it. Bitcoiners can now pay for a list of functions at the OKCupid website, such as PM’ing individuals with priority messages.



Claims that it is the first major Domain name registrar to accept Bitcoin as form of payment, deemed to be a top-shelf American based ICANN registrar with over 3 million domains. Namecheap received some notoriety during the public outcry in the US against the SOPA bill and a poll-winner for best registrar by Lifehacker for multiple years


The Wikimedia Foundation, which owns and curates Wikipedia, World's most popular Free Encyclopedia with 4 570 000+ article, announced on its official blog that it is now accepting donations in the digital currency

Peach Airlines

Minimal effort from Japanese aircraft Peach Aviation will turn into the first in Japan to enable clients to purchase tickets utilizing the electronic cash bitcoin. The aircraft, currently belonging to Japan’s biggest bearer ANA and has some expertise in flights from upper east Asia


Bitcoin has become the standard bearer for cryptocurrencies that even Tesla accept it as form of Payment, there is already a someone who has used their Bitcoin to order a Tesla Model S via Shakepay


Social gaming giant Zynga has announced that it will be accepting bitcoin for in-app payments in selected games, as a "test" with payment processor BitPay


For premium services, accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment


The Popular but new venture which yet to be released and to be started by the former owner of MegaUpload Kim Dotcom, a Bitcoin enthusiasts with plans of creating a micro-economy out of file sharing economy


Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place. Set a budget, track your goals and do more. And also a bitcoin financial tracker too and also accepting bitcoin as a payment mehtod. A service brought to you by Intuit, an American software company that develops financial and tax preparation software


The New York-based e-commerce site allows users to engage in socially oriented shopping through picture feeds and sharing. Users can purchase products that they see directly from the website, which acts as an intermediary between the consumer and the retailer


Payment processor that helps small businesses accept Credit cards using iPhone, Android or iPad. Square market has begun accepting Bitcoin as a payment method and also lets small businesses adopt the payment method via their Services

MIT Coop Store

Massachusetts Institute of Technology student bookstore accepts bitcoin payment via Bitpay


An online store that allows anyone to sell their products, recognises Bitcoin as form of payment with Customer offered easy intergration of Bitcoin Payment Processors

Naughty America

Adult entertainment provider, accepts Bitcoin payment for their monthly membership


Newegg, an popular online retailer who specialize in personal Electronics and Computing equipment, accepts Bitcoin

Lionsgate Films

The production studio behind titles such as The Hunger Games and The Day After Tomorrow, is using bitcoin payment method via Gocoin


Online dating network, where Users are using Bitcoin payment for premium membership features

RE/MAX London

UK-based franchisee of the global real estate network, accepts bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin as a form of payment method



World's Biggest Drug market on the Darknet that accepts only payment via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash & Monero


San Francisco-based payments company, which has started accepting Bitcoin as form of payment via it's Financial Services


Accepting various kinds of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum & Dash, PureVPN is VPN provider that allow their Users to pay their subscribition fees with Digital Currencies, adding an extra layer of anonymity

Magnificent tea

They are on A Mission To Rid The World Of Terrible Tea, head right over to their site a dedicated Tea club for the most diverse range of tea in the UK to enjoy a cup of your favourite beverage paid with Bitcoin
FireShot Capture 5 - Homepage I Magnificent - The Art Of Tea - http___magnificent-tea.co.uk_.png


This is great to know, thanks bunch for sharing!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

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Polish LOT not Accept BITCOIN.

Thanks for this. And you know what would be great...a blockchain that retaillers can post their website to when they accept a cryptocurrency (not just Bitcoin) for payment. One of my businesses is an online shop selling tea, and to my knowledge we are the only tea business in the whole UK (possibly Europe) that accepts bitcoin...and we give 10% off for doing it! (Can I do a quick cheeky plug here...?) http://magnificent-tea.co.uk

Support Bitcoin & Tea! Added this to the List and followed!

coolio! thanks so much! big love.

awesome list! I saw many I didn't know of!
I saw this article about a pre-school accepting Bitcoin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/40447963

''The head of two Montessori schools in New York won't let parents pay by credit card - but he is accepting Bitcoin'' Wow, this taking Bitcoin adoption to the next level but definitely interesting way of supporting Cryptocurrencies

I know! I was just as astonished when I saw it. cryptocurrency will rise in popularity.

I'm excited that more and more companies are starting to accept crypto. I'm slowly starting to become more untethered and nomadic. It would be awesome if one day I could travel and support myself on just crypto.

Exciting to know that crypto is being more and more accepted in the mainstream market :) Its definitely growing. Thanks for compiling the list :)

Thank you very much for this post.

Oh, wasn't aware of Tesla. Good sign! 🏎⚡⚡

really good post!
Still so much to do, still so many basic need companies to add BTC and cryptos as payment.

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That's smart of you! :D

What! Remax London eccepts Bitcoin as payment? Amazing.

It is great to see how far things have evolved regarding payments in crypto currencies. The Masses are coming!!!

Wow I finally reached the bottom of this post! Geesh you dont screw around eh? Aloha Al

Yes! The list is growing more everyday!

Seems very promissing for the future ! Thanks for this good post ! upvoted !

Thank you for the valuable information. I am planning to lunch an ecommerce site and I am definitely going to include Bitcoin as a payment option.

Nice list @steemitguide the more people using the coins (not only Bitcoin) the more attractive Digital Money will become.

In South Africa we have Payfast , PayFast is a payments processing service for South Africans and South African websites. We enable easy, secure and instant transfer of money between online buyers and sellers. Also working in Bitcoin.

Thanks for the info! Great share!

Thanks for the knowledge

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I can't believe I only just found @steemitguide..... what a noob.

I am so grateful and thankful for this! 😁

Amazing! I was not knowing about wide acceptance of btc and other cryptos. Thanks for sharing.

This is pretty thorough I hope there becomes more -- You could add purse.io to the list for Amazon but not exactly as fitting since 3rd party too

This is good a few i didnt know alot ill never use but it is very awesome none the less to see places accept now be nice if they accept other coins as BTC to me is not even close to the best coin

Nice list!

My first post! Found it through Google. Anyway it looks like support or Bitcoin and cryptos in general is growing. Heard steam dropped BTC , which is a bummer but nonetheless. I wonder if lightning Network will have an impact and cause more people to accept Bitcoin as payment. Definitely the price surge will help!

Great approach to the post, something to be aware of.

Well.. It's about time these companies starting catching on LOL!

And ladies and gentlemen, that is why I think Elon Musk is going to be the richest man in the world in his lifetime. He is ahead of his trend.

I will leave you with a follow!

Keep up the quality content @SteemitGuide!

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I can't wait until Amazon accept Bitcoin. I can't wait to see Visa backing it's credit card and other funds with Bitcoin. People are really sleeping on the cryptocurrency market there are a lot of dinosaurs walking around that are afraid of change. I can't wait to see how far Bitcoin can actually go I love it.

You can also use Bitcoin to promote your startups on Startup Buffer. It is a startup directory where startups are featured on the website, mobile apps and social networks.

Thank you for the list. Add to the list Heifer International www.heifer.org

Thank you for the post. A lot of software companies accept Bitcoin. In particular, Provide Support Live Chat and visitor monitoring solution supports payments in Bitcoin https://www.providesupport.com/

SecPoint IT Security Software accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin,Dash, Monero, Zcash,Ether. It is listed on the front page. Extra discount is offered when using Crypto https://shop.secpoint.com/shop/frontpage.html

This post has received a 2.04 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @steemitguide.

Thanks for that. I found an even longer list including smaller companies at https://99bitcoins.com/who-accepts-bitcoins-payment-companies-stores-take-bitcoins/

Fantastic idea. Will you do updates? Cheers!

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Some interesting companies are accepting Bitcoin! Good to see! We have a few in the Netherlands accepting BTC as well, like our countries leading food delivery service; They already started years ago.

Great Post!
We are the largest manufacturer of fine Hindu and Buddhist statues in the world and are now accepting Bitcoin payments! Would love to be added to the list if at all possible. https://www.thestonestudio.in/

Fantastic. I was just looking for a like this to show people cryptos aren't going away, and they should jump in ASAP!

http://mephobia.store - Woman Fashion. Accepting bitcoin. Worldwide shipping.

I am the largest retailer of fine Hindu and Buddhist statues in the world and am now accepting Bitcoin payments! Would love to be added to the list if at all possible.
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More big companies will accept Cryptocurrency in 2018

https://www.hepays.com bitcoin dating website accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well

Does this guide need an update? I hear a lot of companies are not trading with bitcoin now due to the risks of volatility ?

Please don't forget small businesses! Steemians such as @creatr also will accept steem in exchange for their products! Support small businesses too :)


Thanks for this, great info ! I have an online shop https://peaudeshagreen.com/ selling beautiful shagreen leather bags and accessories for men and women with free shipping too; as far as i know we are one of the few such shops that accept payment in Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Would you add us to the list:)? Many thanks

Travel site https://theluggagecollection.com is now accepting bitcoin as payment

The sad thing is the top 2 on your list don't accept crypto. Overstock used to and Microsoft never did. Did you check these sites yourself?

I'll give you a break on Overstock, since maybe they still were when you posted this. Checking Microsoft was so easy though. We won't get Crypto to the mainstream if we keep giving them bad info folks.

Hey johndonahue (I set up an account just to post this) Maybe 1 month ago when you posted this, things were different . As of this moment: Microsoft accepts bitcoin through bitpay on their xbox accounts. Also Overstock accepts many different crpyto through Spapeshift services during checkout process. (I had just paid an xbox account with Bitcoin so when I saw your post I wanted to update you.)

Thanks for sharing the info. :D

woopshop.com accepts also bitcoin and altcoin payments

The popular B2b Marketing Sales Leads generation website : https://leadsblue.com/ - also now accepts the bitcoin as an payment. so you could also add it in to your list.


This is a quite a comprehensive list but you have missed out Seymour
Locksmiths https://seymour-locksmiths.co.uk/worthing

They have been accepting Bitcoin since 2014 though they are a local locksmithing company as opposed to an international business like Pure VPN

If you scroll down the to the footer of the page you can see they accept Bitcoin and Dash. If you visit their blog you can see the one about accepting crypto currency.

Hi guys,

Now, you can also buy SUP & Dragon Boat paddles and accessories with Bitcoins as Hornet Watersports have started to accept them as well (thanks to above mentioned easy integration with Shopify) . See more here https://www.hornetwatersports.com/

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