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Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of all things cryptocurrency including price, regulation, innovation and financial crime.

In the past year, cryptanalysis and bitcoin-related technology did not discuss how people use the mainstream in everyday life.

The majority of the discussion focused on financial services, but there is another obvious early adoption of new innovative technology.

Companies that are once happy to accept Bitcoin payments (Steam, Stripe) are now tracking, asking questions of BTC's future use as a payment method.

However, a company called the Las Vegas Gentleman Club Legends Room is the success of Crypto Payments. Therefore, local news channels wanted to talk with Nick Blanggren as founder, and there were many dancers about the use of Crypto payments in his establishment.

The Legends Room is innovative in those visitors, and can use an internal bitcoin ATM to buy a cryptographic fee at the club. The dancers then wear temporary QR tattoos, which address the bag that can be scanned on a smartphone.

Popular by using Cryptocurrency, a Brenna Sparks said, "People who come here, they are really into the crypto.I think it's as smart as they really are into that."

It is advantageous that the dancers have to keep transactions from their joint account bank statements. According to, dancers can control their financial affairs and avoid problems of government banks.

One summer chase commented, "Some banks are shutting your account and refusing to refrain from having an account actually working in the adult entertainment industry."


Come on. QR tattoo clickbait? So glad they are not getting tattooed.

good post bro

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