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Bitcoin is another night fall and the losses from Tuesday's highs are now standing at 688. An analyst with little relief in mind has warned us not to bounce prices until we fall in the $ 4k range, "then it's safe to buy bounce."


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Bitcoin lost 6,809 dollars a week, making $ 7,489 hit at $ 688.

Johnny Jidins of the Cracked Market wrote in Bitcoin's fight and described the recent revival as "curiosity".

Mr Ziedins said: "Bitcoin bounces a curiosity for BTC a few hundred dollars from recent lows, even though prices continue battling on Tuesday. We are still very strong in the downward trend and the worst is behind us for no reason.

"The thing to keep in mind is that all the prices are bouncing from the highest selling levels last week, and it's hard to last for $ 6,500 last week.

"It's also about a few hundred dollar rebound today, and if we do not reach surprisingly high altitudes, yet we are not yet dropped.

"In the next few weeks, the loopholes of the Fourier should be low and the breach to prevent large saving of defensive sales.

"If we do not expect to bounce prices until we fall into the $ 4k range then only bounce is safe to buy.

Matt Gokes's former chief executive, Bitcoin's biggest exchange, apologized for his role in the company's shaky 2014 shake of the Cryppo community.

In a Reddit post on Wednesday, Mark Karpeles reached the customers of the Exchange, most of whom were locked in years of fighting back the lost funds through exchange.

He said: "I did not want this desire, I did not want this billions of dollars, from day one I never expected something from this bankruptcy.

"Today this opportunity is a breach of opportunity and I believe in my responsibility to make sure it does not happen."


The solution is not to sell your Bitcoin if you think it is going to drop but to USE them to keep them in the market not in the traders world.

Let us see I think Bitcoin should not go down below 5500. There is very strong support in between 6000 -5500 USD. If price reaches at there levels very sharp recovery is expected.

I totally agree

I think the BTC will support $ 5,400

I can agree it will go down to 4K this maybe tonight or the next 10 days. I saw this guy I followed on youtube.. He makes pretty accurate when he say something about crypto. If it goes to 4K... I think it is time to buy.. Do you guys agree with me? Buy and keep lah.. hahaha..

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