Analysis and price Bitcoin (BTC) $7,486.97 USD (-2.85%) Jun 4, 2018

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Hello Steemians! Bitcoin in numbers!

Hourly analysis BTC/USD

Moving Averages: Strong Sell
Technical Indicators: Strong Sell


RSI: Sell
STOCH: Oversold
STOCHRSI: Oversold
MACD: Sell
ADX: Sell
Williams: Oversold
CCI: Sell
ATR: High Volatility
ROC: Sell


Market Cap $127,838,702,530 USD 17,074,825 BTC
Volume (24h) $4,991,380,000 USD 666,620 BTC
Circulating Supply 17,074,825 BTC  


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By any chance do you accept submissions? I would love to see some lower ranked coins get some attention


What kind of coins are we talking about?


Coins such as BAT, ECC, and DGB.

ECC in particular might blowup soon since they're having this unique marketing campaign labeled "What would satoshi say". It's a survey that allows you to input your opinion on the current landscape of cryptocurrency. You can choose the answers already there or make your own. If your created answer gets chosen, you'll recieve a portion of the 700,000 ECC reward pool and get to be published in their Ebook which will have a lot of eyes on it, trust me.

Now I can ramble on about how their wallet looks the best or how its a hub for their other services or even ANS(which IS a game changer I might add), but I rather you go to their slack and see how the team there is the real deal.