Steem Factory Mining Income Report - 9/23/2017 - Earned $54.55

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Here is the Steem Factory Mining Report for the week ending 9/23/2017. This report details the cryptocurrency mining statistics of our operation.

Weekly Mining Statistics - 9/23/2017

CoinAmount      USDTotal USD
Weekly Subtotal$54.55
Previous Subtotal$3143.82


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Fascinating story. Hope you get what you wish from this project. Have a nice day. Resteemed.

Thank you for reading.

What is going on with this really?

What do you mean?

like the mining stats are from what? profits you made on steem and then invested into hardware?

I have a KNC Titan miner which mines LTC. Doge and Via are merged mined. This report is the weekly mining stats.

Well done!
The main question is if minning cryptocurrencies is still profitable?
It will be great if on your next update you can give a little more info about how you mine... like what pool and so on as for sure a lot of people are interested in this!
Have a great Sunday and always Steem On!

Over the past few weeks the LTC mining difficulty has increased a great deal. Now it is not has profitable as it was before. I'll add the details in the next report.

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