Steembirds Predict Bitcoin Price With A Ouija Board

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

Today's Consultation with The Great Cryptoracle

Disclaimer: The SteemBirds are not financial advisors. This in not investment advice and we can not guarantee that The Great Cryptoracle's predictions will be accurate.

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To do list:

  • HODL;
  • Listen to some more catchy tunes from @steembirds;
  • Worship the Great Cryptoracle.

Keep up the good work, guys. You put a smile on my face!


Thanks! A may the Great Cryptoracle bless your portfolio lol


Thank you very much, good sir! That would be very pleasant indeed.

ha! I was just laughing about Ouija yesterday...mystical!


Spooky 😎

hahahahhahaha i was like wtcrap.... you could do ten of these a day and make so much money... right?



Lol seems to be the tread ;)


exactly lol... stay tuned!

You have my undivided attention


I guess that's what we're going for lol

I wish i could contact the future me n ask for btc prices xD


Don't we all..?..


most of us maybe


The should make a crypto version of back to the future 2

This is the most accurate and authentic prediction I've seen this year.


Yeah the Great Cryptoracle doesn't mess around

lol! pretty unique 😂