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So I saw that @trevonjb just made this video about the "Payza" card that lets you deposit altcoins and receive USD on the card 24 hours later. The fact that video already has so many votes sickened me so much that I had to post something to save as many people as I can.

Let me preface this by saying that it's so sad that there were people who a few months ago were so sincere in their posts and videos and truly excited by the opportunities they see unfolding before them in the crypto-world; and now those same people have shifted their platform and are now becoming marketing agents, working to sell you products and influence you to buy things that they don't even understand or don't truly endorse, and I can't stand watching our community support this behavior. We all know the rush of freedom we felt as we got more and more involved with cryptocurrency and I personally think it is wrong to sell out your viewers who elevated you to where you are in the first place and taking advantage of people who supported you is doubly wrong.

I know how excited we all are to see the coming changes that the cryptoverse is bringing forward, but please Steemitans, stop supporting people who post low quality, videos, where the poster has no idea what they are talking about. There aren't many people to watch on youtube about cryptocurrency but I have noticed a HUGE shift in the way certain people are going about talking about cryptocurrencies. The Chaincoin surge that happened a few days ago was fueled by youtubers and guess what people, THIS IS A SCAM. Yes people made money off it, but thats how ponzi schemes work. Youtube hyped a dead coin and brought the value up really fast calling for people to HODL but the true goal of this was so that a few youtubers could buy chaincoin before the price surge, hype it up, and dump it when everybody else started getting in on it and their plan worked flawlessly.

With that rant out of the way let me just say this. If you currently hold altcoins, you are better off not trying to spend them like cash, instead hold onto them as they are an investment. My advice would be to simply use a service like shapeshift or changelly to turn your altcoin into either a bitcoin or ether and then use a ETH/BTC debit card from that point. It is much easier to keep track of your portfolio this way as well since you wont have to remember what percentage of which altcoins your have been spending.


Once you have your BTC/ETH you will need a way to spend it, BTC and ETH are currently not available on the same card but soon that will change. Right now the best bitcoin debit card in my opinion if from Wirex if you are not from the USA and if you are from the US I recommend wagecan or the Coinbase shift card which lets you load your coins straight onto the card and it only converts what you need when you need it.


Currently there are no publicly available ethereum debit cards but there are a few in beta and some that should be out very soon. The ones I'm keeping my eye on are TenX which aims to carry many altcoins as well not just BTC/ETH but Dash and Ripple as well.

Monaco and Tokencard are honorable mentions, but as of yet I regard Tokencard as vaporware and Monaco is non-US based right now.

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Great post, upvoted and resteemed.

I'll also be checking up on TenX.

Thanks! I just edited because I forgot to add Tokencard and Monaco as honorable mentions as well.

I have to agree with you on that one, It's exactly what I was talking about in my last post. The thing is because crypto is unregulated it's the people who are just learning are the ones that will be most affected.

I just checked out your last post and I agree with you too. I see the bubble we have as well. There are 45 cryptocurrencies that are worth more than $100,000,000. The Market is entirely speculation, the fact that this resembles the .com bubble is making this problem compound. What I mean is that this money is flooding the market in all the wrong places, MOST of these cryptos will fail and the market will consolidate afterwards with the companies that were the Googles and eBays of the .com crash being the only ones to survive. But that doesn't mean we can all make money! But it will be much harder with people trying to mislead the community. I love steemit because its so motivating not to be rude that I have had a hard time calling people out on it, but if the community would support a truth movement that could really help everyone out.

Yes I'm definitely supporting that truth movement. I just think we are storing up problems with these company driven ICOs in essence they are acting as their own central bank issuing coin on demand

I can not agree more with you @steeleminer. It's very dangerous to see how many manipulators are arriving here. We have the worst case scenario: many people full of motivation to believe in this technological change but with not much knowledge about it, many people who are trying to get as much profit as possible at any cost.

Let's take a deep breath before we buy "others' ideas" as ours.

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Thank you so much I have followed you as well, I have been considering making a youtube channel to combat these manipulators and everyday it seems like a better idea. Hopefully honest people from the steemit community can help make these worthwhile and we can help spread the wealth to the people who actually deserve it and grow our own at the same time.

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