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Good day, dear readers! Today I bring to your attention a project called Goose Q.

What is Guus Q and what is it for?

Goose Q is a kind of DAPP, created for the mass logistics branch, which uses the development of blockchain to protect user data and facilitate the perception of information and values. He works with certain devices to record information from trucks, after that he encrypts it and firmly protects it in the blockchain.
In order to increase driving safety and reduce the number of traffic accidents, Goose Q brings together a large number of non-hazardous driving algorithms that analyze a large amount of environmental information and give users group offers of non-hazardous driving. In partnership with China Unicom, China’s leading provider of telecommunications offers, Goose Q is launching Daluka SIM cards, which were created on purpose for truckers. With a Daluka SIM card, it’s possible to use a bunch of logistics and entertainment apps for traffic consumption for free. Thus, Goose Q has the opportunity to collect a giant base of users to collect data and solve one of the key tasks of the logistic branch - the inaccessibility of data to control the scam in the accounts. Goose Q is eager to be a pioneer and favorite on the blockchain for the logistics branch.


  • Increased number of accidents
    Trucks are considered to be more prone to tragedy by transport, and in China the deadly characteristics are almost 6 times higher than in the United States, taking into account the fact that the number of trucks is almost the same.

  • Data defect
    Government agencies, logistics companies, insurance and monetary institutions, as well as companies that focus on road and road circumstances, the formation of autonomous vehicles and maps, are urgently asking for a huge amount of information about the traffic situation.

  • The welfare of drivers
    Thanks to a sample survey of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, it turned out that almost 95% of truck drivers are not satisfied with labor criteria, which in fact implies additional stress and operational hazards.

  • Fake accounts
    Fake invoices are considered a huge challenge in the multi-billion dollar logistics branch of China, which accounts for about 10% of the total turnover, damaging logistics firms and tax authorities.


  • Improved driver support system
    ADAS can help car owners restrain lane, ignore conflicts, control the degree of drowsiness and almost everything else, which actually increases the security of movement

  • Infrastructure for a lot of information
    The intricacies of auto equipment and software with centralized and distributed data storages, an operational cache and blockchain allow Goose Q to effectively collect and save traffic data.

  • Public Joys
    The Daluka and Jiama Road Messenger SIM cards provide a great opportunity for free communication.

  • Automation and data encryption
    The digitization of logistics documents by Goose Q significantly increases the reliability of business data.


  • Works in conjunction with China Unicom
    China Unicom is the fourth largest telecommunications provider in the world. They began working with Goose Q at the end of 2018.

  • The possibility of free calls within the network
    A typical package is approximately 35 per month, and calls within the network are free of charge, so that drivers can communicate with their relatives at any time, far from home.

  • 20 million preliminary applications
    The start of sales was in April 2019, and still does not slow down, since large-scale penetration of truck drivers (truckers) has already begun.

  • Destination for truckers
    China unicom opens up a niche in the trucking market thanks to Goose Q business network

  • Free traffic for over 100 affiliate add-ons,
    including for logistic business applications, leisure applications and such popular hits as, for example, TikTok

  • 100+ distributors
    Including the main logistics branch management sites, radio stations, online fuel delivery sites and the association of truck drivers.


Ecosystem Goose Q

The initial model of Goose Q interaction, which uses decentralization on the blockchain, immutability and other features, to build a program that can combine increasing and decreasing funds everywhere in the logistics branch, and existing logistics IT companies do not just have no competing relationships, on the contrary, they able to work together on the accumulation of information and services in order to fully engage in the logistics industry.
Goose Q associates reliable information among partners throughout the logistics industry and among public regulatory authorities, greatly reducing the industry’s current costs.

Project roadmap


The project team

William Qian, Mike Zhang, Ada Xue, Steven Bai
Dimitry Doronin, LongFei Zhao, Tyreal, Baja

Project Contacts

White paper:

Author Contacts

Bitcointalk Login: TrendWinson
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