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in bitcoin •  11 months ago

I thought this was a funny video, lol ;)

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"Whether or not Governments of the world will lose control... they 'SHOULD NOT' let that happen!" Doesn't this sound like "fear" to you? Sounds a bit like a threat to me! These guys are so burried in fiat they cannot think straight!


Exactly, the future has and will prove them wrong. People are becoming less and less deceived by statist fear mongering

futures can be positive for bitcoin and destructive. The state at the expense of large volumes can move the market as they like. If they are not pleased with the high rate, they can move the price against all the rules.


It'll be interesting to see what happens!

These guys don't have a clue! Small businesses are already accepting crypto.

Ha ha, that myth of getting rid of cash will get rid of the black market. Read between the lines. Cashless means everybody forced to used electronic banking, thus negative interest rates and you being cut off from your finances at the press of the button.

Thanks for the laugh @staticinstance. =)


No clue, for sure, lol


They liveth in fear!

Right now the BTC is not raising, the predictions say it would fall until mid of this month. By Christmas it will raise again.

Informative post. Thanks for sharing this video.

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Good video, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings