Is October 2018 Will see any new moves of the Bitcoin Price?

in #bitcoin6 years ago

What do you think about the Price stability of bitcoin ?
is that will give us big move in theis month, i hope so
but we must keep in mind that its all about our believes in this market dont be greedy and dont be panic


October has been bullish month for bitcoin... not so for alts... lets see...

Is this month’s price the lowest? Is it real bottom?

I think bitcoin will move higher towards the ending of the month.. Meanwhile You should check out Digitex Futures exchange as they are going to be the first futures exchange with zero commission fees and other quality services.

I'm hoping for a rise by the end of the month but if there's no noticable rise by mid November we'll have to wait until the first quarter of 2019 for a new ATH.

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