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Here's a news release coming out everywhere in syndication tomorrow. It's by the folks at, a site that will go live on Great Fork Day, August 1. It's essentially a topic Rosetta Stone, recap and sneak preview of coming attractions.

"We are going to reunite Bitcoin lovers by giving them technology so advanced they will quit forking around with Satoshi's old prototype and finish the global financial superhighway!" -- Stan Larimer

Here are the seven must read posts in the order you should read them. If you are in a hurry, don’t miss the last three - Doc Brown’s three part series on how to take Bitcoin back to the future. Part 3 comes out on the August 1 after the 3-way split has been “locked into blockchain history”.

You will never look at Bitcoin the same way again.

Stan Larimer, President
The Godfather of BitShares, Bitcoin United, and the HERO


Gotta take off the "S" after Http,

Maybe https is coming first of august. He says "a site that will go live on Great Fork Day, August 1"

Check out @ash for instructions on how to play it safe. You need a local bitcoin wallet that will control your own private keys. Have them in your possession before August 1 Universal Time. You can do whatever you want on August 2. The BTCX Fast Bitcoins will be defined but unclaimable till if and when the BTS exchange, like all other exchanges, decides to do the work to release them.

Epilogue - Yet another Bitcoin Split

Bitcoin is Splitting once again

Find out more about our new name - Fast Bitcoin (FBTC) at

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lol - FUD

Thank you @stan for enlightening us with the existence of, or at least the idea of, BITCOIN UNITED. If it was not for your post, I would not have known about it at all. And if I end up getting a few of them and the same turned out to be the upgraded version of bitcoin (just the way Spiderman* was upgraded by Tony Stark, with his hi-fi suite in "Spiderman The Homecoming") and I become a millionaire, I would ever remain thankful to you. 😛😜😝
Peace 😊

What a great solution. :)

nice article interesting take

Bitcoin will flow past this fork and it will become a distant memory

Bitcoin Segwit (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BTH) and Bitcoin United (BTCX)

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Bittrex will support BCC and give you your coin right away..... Trezor wallet will also support as well as Armory.

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The view is very nice follow me

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Stan, you will either make me a very rich man, or a very poor one. But I truly believe in that bigger picture you see.

EDIT: Ok very poor is a major exaggeration ^^

You are the only one who make yourself rich, base on your own choice :)

100% agreed and my choice is to invest in a future I can see happening.

all the exchanges say it is safe, but is it? I've trusted the exchanges this far!!!! im just diversified for now and expect everything to pass :)

Do you trust your government? Never trust a central authority.

Thanks for the warning my friend,

Thank you, it is good.

Will eagerly waitig for 1st August to see what happens. Really worried and anxious also to witness the event.

All different opinions and perceptions are coming out in the market.

Wait and watch @stan

Wow I am all over this and will be watching closely. Thanks for the info!

Prepare myself, thank for information @stan

Great post! Is Stan Larimer related to Dan Larimer?

Stan is Dan's father

****** thanks for the info @stan
I 'm really worried about this matter
I ' m worried about this platform.. and you know.. any one don't know about this point completely and clearly..... they just predict :(

Very good info :)

I got tired of Googling crypto prices, opening 10 tabs from 10 exchanges or installing apps that take up 100 MB on my iPhone and do the same thing so I came up with a solution to our common problem, hopefully you'll find the solution useful

i think bitcoin rate is double some year latter

There are many red-flags for proponents of decentralization.

Quotes from website:

"United Bitcoin is a project to create an authority dedicated to developing Bitcoin software, protecting the users from fraud, ensuring stable growth of BTC value and continuous and guaranteed functioning of the network."

"The node power must be consolidated. As nodes are strategically important parts of the network, they must be placed in secret areas, protected by government."

"Banks will also ensure no bitcoins are used for harmful purposes like purchasing drugs, assault weapons or sponsoring terrorism"

No connection to Bitcoin United (BTCX)

probably a scam...lot of them out there.

Wrong website.

Am always learning something new on steemit everyday. All these wonderful information will certainly increase my general knowledge Thank you for your given information. @stan

Is it happening? Should I take my bitcoin out of the exchange so I can get 3 bitcoins? Or is this at a later date? I don't have much time left and I asked a few people. No one seems to know..

100% never hold any coin in an exchange. Use the Electrum BTC client or any other wallet to hold onto your coins. Don't want to miss out on your BCC! My general rule is to never keep money in an address that I don't know the private key of for an extended period of time.

Yes, as @chugwig says... do not ever store coins on exchanges. Make your trades and move to an offline wallet. You can very easily lose your money otherwise if the exchange gets hacked or goes out of business (usually both).

you should keep them in a local wallet. (Which should be backed up)
This is a much safer then keeping everything on a exchange.

I'm more worried about my axxhole government looking up funds by shutting down the exchange than I am a hacker