What does the soaring price of Bitcoin mean for Alt coins stilll on the rise?

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Bitcoin is very close to reaching a new all time high of $3000.
So what does this mean for other Alt currencies that are on the rise?
And what will happen to these alt currencies if bitcoin experiences another bubble pop like it did back in 2013?

I believe Bitcoin is always going to be trending in an upward direction, but what happens when we experience another bubble pop?
Does this mark as an opportunity to capitalize on the other successful alt coins?

As bitcoin continues to rise, I'm on the hunt for a good alt coin that is going to flourish during a bubble burst.
lets take PIVX for example. Pivx has a pretty good track record and has been on the rise since mid march 2017.



In these two graphs of BTC and PIVX over the last 2 weeks you can clearly see that Bitcoin is growing alot faster then PIVX.
even though it looks like PIVX is loosing, it is still winning in relation to USD.

So What Happens when that Bitcoin bubble decides to correct itself and burst?
Will we see most of the alt coins like PIVX fall with Bitcoin?
Or will we see a few alt coins like PIVX continue to grow?

These are questions I wish I could ask my future self.
But in the mean time I guess we will wait and see.

I'm no expert so let me know what you think?
What are your predictions for the future of Crypto Currency?

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Great post! Thanks for sharing. I am also looking other altcoins, as I am also new to the game! We will have to see what rises before mainstream media does! There are a lot of people here on steem that already seem to know ahead of the game. You just have to choose trending and change the topic to cryptocurrency! Again thanks for sharing this!