Bitcoin is recovering to the $3500 range. It's been recovering from last weekend.

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ETH Enables Constantinople with 7,080,000 blocks.

Ethereum (ETH) key developers have agreed to release the long-awaited Constantinople hard fork on Block 7,080,000 as determined by a biweekly developer meeting on Friday, December 7.
Constantinople is the second hard fork in Ethereum's third plan. It consists of four roadmaps.
First Frontier, second Homestead, third Metropolis, and last stage Serenity. Now the first Byzantium hard fork in metropolis was conducted last October. Ethereum, which has the most Dapps, is a hard fork with a lot of impact on price. And of course, like BTC's hard fork, It's not a hard fork with a new coin, it's a lot of functional updates.
Let me just briefly explain the roadmap for the level 4. The first of Ethereum's roadmap is Frontier. It is a basic update to the underlying POW mining and transactions. It was an update that made up the basic framework.
Second, homestead is a step to add functionality over a basic frame. Mist browser, which was welcomed by developers, has been available since then. And the third metropolis phase is where the infrastructure is constructed. First hard fork, Byzantium hard fork is big updates such as Ethereum difficulty bomb smoke, changes in mining compensation, and improved EVM performance. And soon enough, we're going to update Constantinople to get using POS and POW together. And updates to the level of difficulty bombs are linked to Casper and Beacon chain. I thinnk the plasma and shading functions are also thought to be mindful.
And after the metropolis, the last four steps, the Serenity. It's basically an update that makes a lot of difference to the ecosystem of Ethereum. In the big picture, the transition to POS is the most important thing. Although today's Ethereum network has been configured via POW, it expects many things to change including Dapp, when POS is changed.
A week ago, reports say Ethereum Development Foundation fired 13 percent of its employees. Since the current ecosystem situation is not very good, I hope that the Constantinople hard-forks will help create a better Ethereum ecosystem. And I hope that the Dapp activation and the government's legislation on ICO will be finalized soon.
Currently, the ICO companies and many companies related to blockchain are shutting down. If governments institutionalize this situation quickly, I think there will be many changes in society in the near future through the blockchain system.