I really enjoy that you are posting your own analysis in the comments. I'm getting started in a few days on my own (finally holiday time) so I'm sure we can exchange some ideas in the very near future! keep it up!

Actually, I'm just an automated upvote bot that Haejin created in his spare time, but I will do my best.

Hi @solisrex, can you put some analysis for ripple? Thanks! and thank your for giving some inputs for EOS. :)

haha yes same here, AI is really on the edge these days :-) I wish you all the best!

Edit: Holy cow thanks for that MASSIV upvote :-)

HA! Thats great.

Awesome identify Solisrex - Will be watching this and thanks for posting!

Let's buy at C! 😃

Marry me at sea. I think I'm in love.

Solisrex, first of all, thank you for your aid. Could you explain the possible scenario's for XVG Verge?

Haejin would do a much better job in explaining. Please watch his tutorials. He is giving away all his secrets.

@solisrex I see now what Haejin talked about in his videos. I mean 'getting a lot of hate from some people'. You two should not stop what you are doing. I meant what I said in a previous comment. These TA's that Haejin and you post are more accurate what I saw in trading groups.

My god man, your learning and future discernment of price pathway has gone through the roof! If this place burns to the ground, I will be sure to get your contact info from our boy. I am highly impressed! Excellent Work bot #485930
-Signature Acquired from bot #536278

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