Nxt (NXT),ReddCoin (RDD) 24h price growth news in 25.06.18

in #bitcoin3 years ago

nxt coin 24h 10.56% growth,and rdd coin 6.13% growth in 24h.I hope all altcoin growth in end of the month.
nxt coin,bittrex exchange:
last price 0.00001633 btc/$0.10
24h vol 65.85000000 btc
24h high 0.00001678 btc
24h low 0.00001424 btc

coinmarketcap nxt coin:

maximum supply 1,000,000,000 NXT
24h vol 614.72 BTC
marketcap 16,242 BTC
last price 0.00001626 btc/$0.101109

nxt exchange deatails,1.bittrex,poloniex,upbit hitbtc etc

rdd coin bittrex exchange:

24h last price 0.00000087btc
total vol 164.99000000 btc
24h high 0.00000089btc
24h low 0.00000083btc

coinmarketcap rdd deatails:
total supply 28,808,713,174 RDD
24h vol 322.59 BTC
marketcap 25,064 BTC
24h last price $0.005410


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Thanks bro @sohel7421 information about coin..

I voted for you


@sohel7421 I think RDD is a bad choice. I had a huge loss in RDD because many whales have Pump and then Dump this coin it's better to invest in some other Coins like RPX, ICX and WPS. What u say, mate?

me too buddy have lost a lot in rdd

hey @sohel7421, it was nice to see your post related to NXT & RDD both coins are best coin for long term investment.
and i will appreciate for your hard work. bro i will be happy if you will upvote on my post and leave your opinion and plzz follow me here on steemit

@sohel7421 Sohel bhai kabhi hume bhi upvote de dijiye

@sihel7421 r u really think that RDD will grow...bcoz last tym I was sold all my 5k+ coin on 127SAT....So what you think, this is good tym to invest in RDD coin? Please suggest me that I will get more from RDD coin!!! If you have time then please guide me...

@sohal7421 I hope grow all crypto in this month

Hello @sohel7421 I am trying to understand how you are earning 17.72 $ from this post even when you are upvoted by newbies. Please spend some time to elaborate so that we can also get benifits.

really informative post upvoted.
hope you will do the same thanks.

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can you analyse the next move of gold and crude oil?

i can analyse do you want?

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@sohel7421 you are doing great dear .
Do the same thing hope you under stand #mgsc

@sohel7421 What you thing its time to what coin holding?

this is good coin , a little patience and good approach towards rdd will surely making profit ?

Your blog is very well described in terms of baitrics, polonics exchange trading and about the ups and downs of the Coin Trade.

@sohel7421 what is your portfolio ?? which gold are you holding , i upvoted you i think you will do same

i think you suggested @moneyguruu to make video on Steemit.....because you have joined it almost 10 months ago....@sohel7421

@sohel7421 Really this graph will help for trading in crypto currency,
do you have any idea about trading in cryptocurrency

@sohel7421 suggest me some best altcion

@sohel7421 when bitcoin bull run start..waiting

which coin have we hold? which coin have we sold?

@Sohel7421.... Now all crypto and bitcoin are at lowest level of one year.. what you think can it break previous 1 year low of around Rs. 250000... when will it recover any idea

this time is really for purchase cryptocurrency best dip the year and thanks for your information

@sohel7421 what about bitcoin. Bitcoin ben or not in india?

gr8 sharing this bro u know about forex currency market if you no plz share with me

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Slowly slowly market will recover and altcoin and bitcoin too will touch its all time high.

sir but i have some 1 lac dogecoin .will grow dogecoin price

Bro ... right now hold is only thing can do.. it will increase but still market is in dip.. so it will take time

@sohel7421 Good news comes on media n share price spikes 50% in a day. i upvoted you I think you will do same for growth

happy to see that @sohel7421

Had u invested in this coins

which coin you suggest more in twos

can you tell me what is good time to buy RDD? @sohel7421

I also invets in net at 1.1170 i hope it will give me good profit

Thanks for sharing a great information about these coins.You working well again.Please guide me coming behavior in these coins.

what do youthink about sub coin

you have done nice study on Rdd and Nxt.....from which source you got this??? Can you tell me😋😋

thanks for the information about redd coin and nxt coin. what u think about sc coin

Reddcoin is really a good coin for me because i have made good profits for multiple times with it.
But i think its better to get out after taking a sufficient price.

@sohel7421 what you think how much RDD coin can give growth with in a year? please tell me your opinion.

good observation for NXT and RDD coin, however these coins are in the blood path from last 6 months and i am sure time will come when everything will recover.I am still waiting , what do u think ???? do upvote and reply as i am part of MGSC

@sohel7421 bro nyc artcle plz follow me back

market is very volatile right now.. hope we see bare market soon... and thanks for price update

its a Good Coin

@sohel7421 Siacoin
Hyperspace Fork & Airdrop
July 1, 2018 good opportunity

@sohel7421, valuable information provided by you .

@sohel7421 RDD is not a good choice for the new comers and the short term investors. i also lose a lot in ti because of it bullish behavior. In cryptoworld, long term investment is a secure and profitable.