Big news for Ripple (XRP) See what is going on

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

United Arab Emirates biggest lender "National Bank of Abu Dabi" is going to be the first bank in the Middle East to use Ripple’s solution to provide real-time cross-border payments to its customer.

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi is the largest lender bank in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the second largest lender in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE has the fourth largest amount of cross-border cash transfers in the world.


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great news btc

Hopefully once this seal is broken, it will lead to a flood of adoption across the financial world!

What's ripples solution?


Check if this site can help you... I’m available to help too


Alright. Thanks

Yes! The more banks using ripple the better

Thank you for information bro I like it so please please visit in my blog


you are welcome


@socky, sometimes i say mean things.

Ripple is one of my favorite for 2018... I believe it is in a good price to buy right now.


If that trend continues, it could be a good investment.

Even ripple is not really decentralized but it still part of crypto world. Even not directly it still has a good impact over crypto world as a whole.

Ripple... the banks still have a large % of that coin in their own pockets, they made this coin just so they wouldn't lose power... i'm not giving any of me money to ripple because of that, even though i think it's a winner, banks alrdeady have to much power imo


I think that banks have historically done a really bad job transferring money all while making profits. They do however have some decent services when they aren’t putting restrictions on what I can do with my money. It is the poor performance of banks that ultimately drove a mass desire to switch to an alternative. That is the banks undoing all of their own. Now that they are being forced to do a better job.

I think that we still need banks, but in a different way than they have operated in the past. I think that banks will no longer be the safe storage of wealth. Instead they will be a conduit between cryptocurrency and physical cash.

Sunny from vechain was there recently also, seems like they might be early adopters?