Private Group for Crypto Enthusiasts - Invitation

in bitcoin •  7 months ago

Hello fellow Steemians!

I am writing this post in the interest of a specialised group that consists of several blockchain enthusiasts and experts including marketing gurus, IOT specialists, technical analysts, blockchain project managers and programmers. The aim of the group is to bring a variety of people together who offer diverse skills and support each other in several ways.

Ways you can benefit from this:

  1. You can learn about the many facets and aspects of the blockchain technology including technicals, fundamentals and financials
  2. You can have meaningful and advanced discussions about any blockchain-related topic that interests you
  3. You have access to specialists of many areas in the industry

Group Philosophy

The group philosophy is that every member must participate in a way that brings other members forward.

We go by the saying "Give and receive"

A good way to engage with the members is to actively participate in a lot of discussions and bring in own opinions and information, so that the discussion can advance to more sophisticated levels.

Joining Requirements:
The only requirement that this group has, is that you can bring a specialised skill to the group; You need to be able to provide value to others while they provide value to you.

If you are interested in joining, you can send me a personal message on Telegram @SneexHD, send me an e-mail at or comment directly on this post.

All the best and I hope to see you join our group!

  • J. Wolfensberger a.k.a. Sneex

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I am liking the sound of this,, I will contact you,,AWESOMENESS lol peace

i follow and you follow me together we growing up help each other

Hi there @sneekz, I'm interested in blockchain technology. Actually, taking a course to develop smart contracts on Ethereium using solidity. Hope we can be in touch. I'm following you now. Cheers!


Great, thank you :) Following you too. Happy learning!

What do you think about Mintcoin?


Well that will be quite interesting, however what about us who have joined steemit and have no specialized skills to improve on the lives of this group you want to form but are willing for our lives to be improved upon? I will really live it if i become a part of this group. Greetings and gratitude to be a steemitian anyways.

discuss that here under blockchain tag.


Sir my video one vote ples

Hi, I am interested in participating in this group. I am an enthusiast. Thanks for the opportunity.


Message me on telegram then!

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Hi Sneekz - I am new to steemit. I am not a techie, but am keen to learn about cryptocoins, ICO's, blockchain technology and smart contract protocols. I have been following Andreas Antonopolous and I joined steemit because I also follow Gary Palmer Junior (Minting Coins). I would be grateful if I could join your group, but I will understand if you think I don't have the appropriate skills. I work fulltime, and use whatever spare time I have to learn and research the abovementioned topics. I have also traded in stocks and fiat currencies, so I understand the history of money and am competent at analysing charts. I haven't touched on EFT's or options though. Please let me know if I fit the criteria of your invitation....


Contact me on telegram and we can talk about this!

I am interested to join the team


Message me on telegram then!

I am steemit new-bie. Yout post is very intersting

very much interested and willing to share what I know~


Contact me on telegram! :)

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I enjoy everything blockchain. This looks pretty cool.

Hi @sneekz , I've got a strong background in tech, market development, adoption strategies, etc. Would be pleased to participate.


Contact me on Telegram!