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First off.... sucks for those folks that had their Ethereum locked up. The media jumps all over these sort of things as they are ravenous for some negative fud and also point back to Mt Gox or that one time in band camp when so and so stole my btc. People have to use common sense. Don't leave your coins on exchanges, use a hardware wallet, don't use shitty platforms that are in development and prone to hacks. Use My Ether Wallet and Ledger. Use BTS DEX. Don't be dumb and expect a bailout. It's like those Steem or BTS newbies that ask on Discord how to get their password reset link re-sent.


When I first started playing around with Unix at my first job I remember I accidentally deleted the kernels on about 12 different Sparc20s, and couldn't understand why they wouldn't boot. My boss about had a meltdown but couldn't fire me, so I spent the next 2 weeks rebuilding the boxes. Job security I guess which doesn't exist anymore, but I can feel for this eth-newbie.

I've been Boincing and loving it so far.


I joined the GRC pool and am having a couple issues building magnitude on the Collatz project, and I wish there was a better way to find which projects are CPU vs GPU intensive, but otherwise am very happy thus far, but the rewards are not as lucrative as I was hoping. My project tonight is to boinc on my android phone, and I've got 2 more raspi3's coming on Thursday so am going to have a little army of pis boincing together to help stake my retirement. I told my girlfriend that I could boinc $5 USD a day, but its more like .00005USD a day so I told her I'm not good with the decimals. I think it's going to be more once i get my magnitude up and pick the right projects.


If I can see the future, I can see them writing a big article about Gridcoin and referencing SETI, as that would be a good article for the muggles. Another obvious article or best selling book that will be written will be able Dan and Stan Larimer. And I think they will write an article about BAT, and the founder of Javascript growing the market to > $1B, and flipping the advertising model on it's head. Facebook and Twitter suck, and content creators are not being rewarded, only the 1% of content creators, while the 99% fight over the remaining scraps. There will be a mass migration to dtube, and the Brave browser.


I've been trying to do my part on the Bitshares DEX to increase liquidity. Becoming a lifetime member was a great move as 80% of the tiny fees to begin with are refunded, so I don't feel back about moving micro-amounts around. The 0% margin loans to myself are working great in the past few days and every so often I reset them to 2.25 ratio and skim the BTS off the top, and have been putting the extra BTS to work in OBITS, open.EOS, and ZEPH. I still need to confirm but that I can get EOS on BTS instead of having to get it through Kraken, is a good thing. I just want to make 100% sure that open.EOS = EOS which I think it is. The Zephyr ICO was so smooth and transparent, I can chat with George or Maxine directly. They are ahead of their time, but the remittance market will have a ton of players, and probably Western Union or someone with deep pockets will try to circumvent. I don't think I can hodl for the long term as there are other projects to get involved in, but I am rooting for them.

I finally got around to registering my EOS tokens on the blockchain so when the cutover happens in 2018 I'll be ready. I can't even begin to imagine how many people will either be too dumb to know to do this, or get distracted or whatever. Hopefully by then they will dumb down the process a bit, and develop a quick check utility to make sure your tokens are registered correctly. Right now I'm not sure if my grandmother, or girlfriend or really anyone else I know could follow the instructions as they are written now. I think EOS at .95USD is the buy of a lifetime. If I had friends I would tell them about it, but I am not even sure I could get my dad to invest, so we'll have to provide an update on that in the weeks to come.


Lastly, if you are all about the alts like I am, you could care less about Segwit. It's such a distraction, and the alt devs are putting their marketing on hold until after the fork because they will get zero eyes on their projects otherwise, no matter how exciting the news might be. I think anything Proof of Work is going to be an extinct dinosaur. Proof of Stake is where it's at.... and another idea for an article that will be written about eco-friendly crypto. If we could get a raspberry pi and a staking wallet to some poor people living in Africa, it could heat their huts, and pay interest. What a novel concept.


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