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Another day in crypto, BTC is crashing, and BCH is surging. So ridiculous, when folks could be focusing on alts instead.

All this political infighting among BTC whales makes zero sense. BTC won't scale, and neither will BCH. If I were in their shoes I might do the same thing, as no one wants to call the horse they rode in on ugly.


I've discovered that the moment my body relaxes a bit, or I am patting myself on the back for my market insight, those same market winds shift, and adversity sets back in.

I love having some fiat sitting on the sidelines while a couple of my favorite coins drop into the buy zone. At the same time, it's good to do nothing and stick with the long strategy so we can all sleep at night.


I was tinkering on my army of 3 raspberry pies, and have all of them boincing, but also running a couple POS staking wallets each. So far GRC, MOON, and PIVX. The USD markets have dropped substantially but I'm going to have to take a second look. I haven't setup the NAVcoin wallet yet. I want to do the least amount of legwork, with the highest yield but this is not possible in crypto. Same with my wallets, I want something I can set and forget, that has the highest yield.


I was trying to get the Reddcoin wallet installed so popped into what I thought was their Discord and started rattling off a bunch of questions. There were a number of ladies in the chatroom which caught be offguard.... so I said "Nice to see some ladies embracing crypto" but after I sent the message I saw that they had been discussing Justin Bieber, and other various non-crypto topics. It was truly worlds colliding as xx_mandy_xx wrote back, what is raspberry pi? and what does sudo nano reddcoin.conf mean? Long story short, after I was done filling Mandy in on the details, she said that sounded like a good investment.... what was it again? computer parts? Turns out it was not the official Reddcoin Discord, rather some random reddit chatroom that may or may not have been specifically for Bieber fans, I didn't stick around to find out. Maybe xx_mandy_xx will buy some reddcoin and tell her friends.


It's a good reminder of how many people there are in the world that are not into crypto, or thinking about crypto everyday like I am. Or taking away the power of fractional reserve fiat banking and peacefully decentralizing everything. I live and breathe crypto and think about it all the time, but my barber lady that cut my hair this morning hadn't heard anything, I'm still not very convincing to my girlfriend or parents, and I think the cross wallet addressing, linux command line skills, encryption, etc might be still too complex for the regular joe. I've ridden on the coattails of lots of speculative investment opportunities, but this one by far beats them all. It seems people aren't looking to be rescued from their debt handcuffs, or don't want to be pulled away from their dull lifeless jobs that they exchange their time for pennies on the dollar. If people can't see the opportunity that lies before them, I can't help them see any clearer.


I'm backing up the truck with EOS < $1, BAT < $.13, GRC < $.038, BTS < $.069
I'm gonna get some PIVX, NAV, and maybe some Moon if I can figure out how to buy it.
NovaExchange is kaput although it still looks functional I don't want to risk it. Mooncoin is going for a fraction of a satoshi so I'm not even sure how you do that. But from a mad money perspective, I can see some whales pumping it like crazy, and they do apparently have a new dev team taking over. It was intriguing that it was all over Nova, is it's own blockchain, and low market cap. I'm sorta interested in Bitbean on raspi, but need to take a break as I have all 3 of my babies up and running and are stable and I don't want to fuck them up.


I realize I need to expand my horizons on terms of more diverse topics to discuss, but at the same time I think about crypto a lot so it reflects in my writing. The one thing I noticed about Steemit and dtube, was the lack of any type of naked girl content. I mean sure there was a couple of Steemians here and there like @suicidegirl or @talia69 who are attractive nerds that don't mind showing themselves naked once in awhile for upvotes. The differentiator is that content can't be censored, and while pictures are artsy and tasteful, they are blunt, and real and in your face and I think that will be an interesting twist.

On the Instagram, I think some of those gals are making big bucks, so I would think it is inevitable that this will happen on Steemit, and there is a large supply of crypto-nerds that wouldn't mind upvoting some ladies that also share an interest in crypto and can figure out how to find their memo key under Wallet | Permissions. If my girlfriend knew how to do that, I would find that knowledge very attractive.

It feels weird to be part of an ecosystem that is so new still and while I like the community as it is, I see it inevitably changing, and the true vision of Dan will be realized with more user curating quality content, that is rewarded. If Facebook isn't developing their own blockchain behind the scenes, they are as stupid as Bitcoin Cash.


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