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RE: Fuck you money - my bitcoin gains... Donations at Christmas to local Thai Vendors - tonight I am broke, ya ran out of money giving it away!

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Your all post awesome.
I have one question for you sir
"There are any countries that have banned their banks from servicing bitcoin companies".


I don't know and doubt that countries will band banks from dealing bitcoin. I do know some banks out of ignorance have. I personally have had 5 Canadian main stream banks close my account. But no worries their shareholders own and rule the world and need desperately computational trust as they can't trust each other because audit system is old school. Blockchain brings trust back. They will demand it. Hang on for the ride!

Are cryptocurrencies a good investment?
Because your hobby writing about crypto currency you knows very well about crypto.
Thank you sir.

yes for the long haul but later as they raise in value I would caution on all but bitcoin

Thank you sir your one in million because everyone not giving reply who has powerful upvote and reputation accept you keep smile 😊😊
Help poor people because you said fuck you money yes you Wright money is not everything.

Yes we have to help the poor as many as we can

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