Weiss Cryptocurrency STEEM rating B- and BITCOIN C+ ...What next?

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To the individuals who are wondering what is next for bitcoin and steem here I have a graph in which shows clearly what is happening to those cryptocurreny. If you looked at the graph your conclusion might be that it will slowly go up and you wouldn't be wrong in thinking that. You might ask yours "why am I so sure this will happen?" well the chart for the past year shows the rise and fall of the value of coin however you might notice it is coming slowly back up. Of course for the conclusion you also might need other sources which I have also provided. If your interested I also have a link to the weiss ratings which rates stocks and it shows the ratings of both steem which is B- and bitcoin which is C+ that information was posted yesterday. This might be one of the reasons why steem coin went up yesterday. In my opinion even if steem falls it will only fall little and it would jump back up. Big business likes to read rating such as this it helps them to map out the direction of the coin and helps them to invest accordingly. 37b1ffcf-3b63-4a58-95db-2ed645d4c6f8.png"The official report has Bitcoin coming in with a “fair” C+ rating, for while grandaddy crypto “gets excellent scores for security and widespread adoption,” nonetheless, “it is encountering major network bottlenecks, causing delays and high transactions costs.”

"Ethereum, on the other hand, was given a “good” B grade, as “the second most widely adopted cryptocurrency, benefits from more readily upgradable technology and better speed, despite some bottlenecks.”

"The only other coins to receive a B- or B rating include Cardano, EOS, Neo, and Steem, while most coins garnered C-, C, or C+ “fair” grades in the same vein as Bitcoin. There were a few poor performers in the group with D ratings, including PotCoin and Matchpool, but none of the 74 rated coins aced Weiss’ initial review as not a single one was given an A for “excellent.” written by Colin Harper https://coincentral.com/weiss-cryptocurrency-ratings-unveiled-complicated-circumstances/ explanations of each of the five indexes in https://weisscryptocurrencyratings.com/ratings/the-weiss-cryptocurrency-ratings-explained-15


@smarthamster72, good information mate, keep steeming!

I'd love for you to show the transaction speed of STEEM compared to the others, if you have data on that.

보팅해줘서 고마워요^^

It has the possibility of going up ....
Hope so @smarthamster72

Very good information, Bitcoin falling today again,
Why steem and rest of crypto currency have to by bought with bitcoin, I think all the crypto currency have to use USD ,Euro, etc not bitcoin. I like putincoin can by bought with USD, Euro, RUR , ETH, BTC. image

I love this posting.. Keep be succes

im new in steemit..thanks for vote

Verry good is information thank for you @smarthamster72

Interesting friend, I am very interested in your posting this one. Always charming looking at your post, good job friend .

Very informative and seem to be a hopeful thing here in steemit_ quite inspiring as it goes up.thank you for sharing and I would like to personally thank you for dropping by some of my post and for the appreciation through your upvotes. Thanks a lot and more power and God bless @smarthamster.

thanks for your support and thanks for helping me keep up to date on all this cryptocrazyness

Thanks for the perspective, always good to know who's paying attention. And no A grades? That means it's still wild 'n woolly out there! :)

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I trust in this digital currency will achieve global achievements

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thank you.... we know the playing field will change so this helps :-)

@smarthamster. Good information. Very interesting. Upvoted and follow

Thanks for all the advice. Do you have anything invested in UKG (Unikoin Gold)? It's looking pretty good the last few days.

Awesome post! And you are the first fellow Michigander here on steemit thus far. I am going to follow you:)

gracias por el post mano muy importante saber sobre eso, saludos.

Very Nice

Good info bro, thanks

Waiting for another increase.

Thank you for this bro. I believe Weiss list isn't biased

Good informative

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I know, keep steemit

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Its interesting to see how these things are evaluated, though ultimately, they market decides.

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