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What to Do as Bitcoin Falls and Returns to Crypto Throne

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

TenX.. yeah. Yikes. I’ve followed this project since before launch. They’ve done nothing but consistently let their users down unfortunately. I would not have high hopes for these guys. I’ll give them one thing though, Julian Hosp is a great sellsman. He could sell rat venom to a mouse.

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He either is that salesman, selling rat venom to mice or he does really know what he is doing. TenX is my worst performing coin, by far... but I do trust him as a person. At least, I think he has good intentions and believes in his project. If they will deliever, what they promise, is another question. But not because they didnt tried, but because they failed as a startup. And there are a lot of ICOs out, who plan to live off the collected money for 1-2 years and then let slowley die the project.
But I appreciate your view... he really is a very good salesman, I am going to consider this in future assessments.