Trump tweets about Bitcoin: "Not a fan"

in bitcoin •  2 months ago 

Trump tweeted about Bitcoin this evening, mentioning that he doesn't believe it's money, and that it's volatile and created out of thin air.

Caitlin Long had a great response to him on twitter. I talk about the great points she raised, and also about why Trump shouldn't be scared of competition if he believes in USD so strongly.

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They can deny it but they're going to only get blindsided, clearly wall street muppets are giving him a script to shill at some attempt at slowing down its growth. I feel like this argument will age badly and its going to be funny one day when we look who stood on what side when we look back at the history of crypto.


Yeah we'll have to see what happens! Let the games begin!

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I'll take a look!

Thanks so much for watching!

Bitcoin is past,present and future.
Please start your past from 2009. 😛😛

bitcoin is fact, in future he will believe

creo en el futuro de la moneda