Bitcoin ATM in Omaha! (BTM Bitcoin Teller Machine)

in bitcoin •  last year

Jones Bros. Cupcakes in Omaha, NE has a Bitcoin ATM and is also accepting Bitcoin as payment!

All you need is a wallet QR code, phone number, and some cash to buy BTC instantly!
The current price was $2,530
(The Coinbase price at the time was $2,390)

I got 0.1285 BTC for $325

Not bad considering the (relative) anonymity and speed!

I can't wait to see more of these! Let's get some DASH ATM's around here too!

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oh wow future is here.

me too cant wait to see more out here.

that is some crazy thing i have seen today great for Cryptoworld

Bitcoin going mainstream !!

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Hey ne kadar güzel :)))

Mate those are all great posts but so old. Still gonna follow u in the hope that u will start blogging again. I would upvote it. But its dope to see that 7 months ago this was big news now there are hunderds or thousands of those ATM's. Really sick crypto taking overr