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The first mirror identity blockchain has been established by Usechain to make the system energized by creating a difference to the activity of cryptocurrency. It is possible in the virtual and parallel world even in the future to build the identical blockchain system in a new technical structure developing it wider enough using DApps providing underlying technical support for the application of exploration in several sectors.

Blockchain technology has added a new dimension to the transactional system though it has not yet been adopted by the mass market. The birth of Bitcoin was the beginning of the new ers to the supply by declining production. Usechain is able to solve all the Impossible Trinity with the dimension to reach in a perfect balance with security and decentralization.

It imposes all the advanced technology and operating system providing support to the application explorations in finance, consumption, entertainment and social management. It provides proper support for DApps with the infrastructure under the precondition of the same security level for the privacy identifying the blockchain network.

Cryptocurrency Payment

The first scenario involves the usage of cryptocurrency for the users to store the wallet for making payments that can be processed for the decentralized peer-to-peer network by the involvement of centralized systems so that the users can use the cryptocurrency and it comes to some digital discount coupons for payments. The payment method can be saved by the merchants on the transaction fees using credit cards. This might be helpful for achieving point-to-point payment system globally. The tokens UST can also be used in purchasing the digital coupons for merchants to use it as a promotional strategy by making some adjustments to the limit of acceptance for UST.

Market Forecast

The UST tokens will start using it through some renowned evidence to schools for trusting it providing the personalized token verification. This will provide the verification to all the participants launching the UST derived Arrow-Debreu Coin by two commemorate Nobel Prize Winners of Economics.

They followed an AD model to determine the function of the event states by the system to add AD tokens to trade commodities for verifiable events. This may relate to the price of the computers or can predict to the US presidential election. These tokens prices can be used for collecting information from all over the world reducing the information for asymmetry helping the entrepreneurs by making it more effective during the investment strategies. The investors can also participate in the global economic development.

Investment and Equity Management

Studies show that from past 100 years the investments have no returns in the stock market and can outperform from the passive index of funding the investments. The active funds are unable to generate the high return and 1 to 3% charges exorbitant for the transactional fees.

This reveals lower management and transparency, asymmetry of information for significant lack of trust. Also, the Usechain platform permits the users to set up a decentralized fund conducting a passive investment in the market making a portfolio index. These transactions are transparent without management fee based on net asset value withdrawing certain fixed transaction fees. The rights of beneficiaries can be digitalized while the transfer is given through the allowance of flexible usage for some different purposes.

Digital Content Production and Trading

The content creators are performing the copyright registration based on the blockchain technology and broadcast the network reaching to the consensus. If the copyright is violated then the reliability of assurance can be confirmed to achieve the adding timestamp by the help of blockchain technology.

Usechain has set a precondition where it uses the same level of security for maintaining privacybetween identity and anonymous public blockchain. The platform’s official token referred to as UST is based on the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can acquire the token during the initial Coin Offering. The main aim of creating the token is to give an opportunity for all participants to be involved in the building of the entire community. The token will also be used to reward the developers and supporters of the platform’s community as well as enabling the entire ecosystem to grow. UST will also allow every participant who hold tokens to use Dapp (Decentralized Application).

It can also apply a judgment for voting with the help of broadcasting the network to make it pay the cost for violating the copyrights and negative effect enormously. The content of the copyright should be confirmed to achieve the transmission of valuation to the exchange in UST for a decentralized and high-efficient way to build the Usechain system by the center of the value to the individuals by the issuance of personalized identity tokens.
Usechain enables the transmission value for regardless forms in the highly efficient system for a content-based token economy of Usechain.

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