What's with Bitcoin's price anyway?

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Am I the only one that thought Bitcoin (BTC) was going to bounce back relatively soon after last week's drastic correction? I am glad that it's holding right around the $14k mark but, it would really be nice if it would start moving up again...

In addition, I bought some ripple the other day when it was at $.70-ish and I'm glad I did now... it's sitting at $2.15 right now according to Coin Market Cap

Who has bought into what recently and how has it done for you? I gave my kids each some Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for xmas in their stockings (mostly because of the cheaper tx fees) so I would really like to see that go up a little too; if for no other reason than to get them excited about crypto as well.

I have heard that there may be a surge in the market come February possibly due to amazon beginning to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, has anyone else heard anything similar?

Please, share your thoughts below


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