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Crypviser is a communication app for ultimate security when sending & receiving data or having private conversations for businesses and individuals... It's currently in development and the Alpha version is out currently been tested.

I got into this coin at the ICO stage as I thought that the project has a good chance of becoming one of the major players within the telecommunications industry with the security that it offers to businesses & individuals alike based on the block chain technology.

Meaning all communication will be safe, secure with no prying eyes or ears.

The team behind this project is solid & dedicated with big ideas for the future aiming to have users in the millions to begin with & into the tens if not the hundreds of millions in the future. If they manage to pull this off (which I think they can with the right progression) this will be one of the best investments on the current market.

Here is the thing... It's not on any of the main exchanges yet which is holding the price at around $0.50 but it is soon to hit all the major exchanges within the next few weeks & when it does I expect the price of this coin to skyrocket with only an 8 million circulating supply & a 15 million cap the only way is up, with the price so low now is the time to snap up a bargain...

As it stands at the moment (CVCOIN) is only available to buy on the Bitshares open ledger platform & it is currently the 5th most traded coin on this platform soon to be 4th & with the price set to rise quickly there is limited time to invest at a good price.

I see big things in the future for this project & once it hits the major exchanges who knows how far this will go... To the moon.?

I have only scratched the surface here so for more information just follow the links below & see for yourself...

Let me know what you think & is there any coins you have your eyes on.?

As ever please resteem, up-vote & subscribe for future updates :)


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Im in allready. This was one of my bigger investments. Good post!

I got in during the ICO too. I hope the price goes crazy!

Thanks for the good advice I was looking for something good investment and have a good feeling about this somehow :)

I like what I'm reading. Before investing I will inform myself.
Thanks for the information @sirstu.

Anyone who has the ability to create a bot that works like this would make a killing:

Coin that people want, but can't or don't want the hassle of obscure or weird or complicated exchanges. It exchanges with people instantly with a 10% (or whatever) markup in price when they send some other coin to it.

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