What Is Vaultoro?

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Vaultoro is the only marketplace for bitcoin / gold.

Not just a broker. If you buy gold at one of our competitors they can change the buyback price & you would be forced to pay it. If we as a market maker did the same, someone would see that opportunity and jump in front of us to offer you a better price closer to world spot. Why? Because we are a market.

Low fees to buy & sell assigned gold.

* 0.5% per trade from 0 to 500 grams
* 0.4% per trade from 500.001 - 1500 grams
* 0.3% per trade from 500.001- 5000
* 0.2% per trade anything above 5000 grams 

Deal in any amount!

Some people trade as little as 4 cents worth of gold, others trade in the millions of dollars worth.

Withdrawal in seconds!

You can sell your gold for bitcoins within seconds and settlement happens instantly. You can then spend your bitcoin how you see fit, all within seconds!
Vaultoro is the only platform were you can buy and sell gold so fast and at such low fees.

The gold you buy on Vaultoro is your legal property!

All gold owned by our clients are off our books so our financial standing will never affect our clients holdings.
We only deal in allocated gold, never unallocated.

We are the most transparent exchange in the world.

We are the only exchange that publishes anonymised holdings of everybody's gold and bitcoin every 10 minutes. We have no chance of cheating the numbers without someone noticing.
Radical transparency is our goal, we hope other exchanges will follow our example.

Check out the latest gold price in bitcoin on the only true bitcoin and physical gold market place.

Easily earn a monthly income of bitcoin and gold!

By referring friends to save and trade in gold on vaultoro, you earn a percentage of their trading fees every month for 2 years! We do the work, you sit back and earn. Sound good?


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