Top 10 Reasons To Attend Anarchapulco 2019

in bitcoin •  3 months ago

Its time for my annual Top 10 reasons to attend Anarchapulco.


10. Larra wants you there.


9. People talk about naked shorting.


8. Hillary Clinton won't be there.


7. Jeff will likely hand you a fist full of vitamins when he sees you.


6. You will probably see a more than a few Lamborghini's.


5. Ed Bugos will show you how to short the dollar like a true Anarcho Capitalist.


4. You won't see any idiot flag wavers.


3. Ron Paul will be there.


2. Carey Wedler gives a speech.


1. Paul Krugman won't be there. Neither will his stupid beard.


See you there!

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Well that is 10 very good reasons.

Small correction made to #10. That is Larra not Lucy. Its been awhile since Jeff did a Walk-and-Talk so I haven't seen the dogs. Lucy is the anarchist dog.

your on a roll today and we do agree and we gave a upvote and resteemed

All very good reasons to go! See you there.

This Person good be a good one for the anarchast Podcast:

He tries to construct a whole law system separate from the state...

See u in Ancapistan !!! ;)


Wish I could go so bad!