Just found 1btc!

in #bitcoin3 years ago

So I made small amount of bitcoin from this other website and decided to sign up on localbitcoin.com to try my hand at trading.

Well come to find I already have an account! I was NOT aware of this. So I recover my password with my email and log in.

BOOM! 1 whole bitcoin sitting there in my wallet!!!!!! Kind of like find $2700 under your couch cushion eh?

Now this bitcoin did not just come out of nowhere. No, a long time ago I helped a friend who was building and selling miners. The only payment I asked from him was 1 bitcoin. But, this was years ago and I still don't clearly remember the transaction happening! It must have though, because I'm sitting here staring at the 1 beautiful shiny bitcoin!

I'm so happy and excited! Upvotes and follows to all who reply!

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