When the Game is Rigged: Being Lucky

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Part 17.

Many times the poor see the rich and conclude they must be lucky to have being like that. Yes sure some are born with a diamond encrusted spoon in their mouths but some wealthy people were just as poor as anyone then. Think Walt Disney and Henry Ford.

What made them come out of their poverty? Is it hard work or commitment? Is it a clear goal path or just dumb luck?

After a lot of hard work and persistence, most people still failed so they concluded it must be luck. It's normal to be tired but some quitted and ascribed the successes of men to such a thing. If that's the case then what happens to a person who seem to not have 'enough' luck.

The truth is that while luck exists, you have to get yourself to where it is to enjoy any of it. Like Ray Croc said "the more you sweat, the luckier you get".
Its not about getting lucky it's about understanding that the game of wealth is rigged and you need to do what ever it takes (that is legal) to get ahead.

Getting lucky is getting close to who knows the drill and asking them for a a go on the red carpet of wealth.

At Cryptosilv, we give you the red carpet.


Contribution by: Anthony Ajibola

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