Why you need a hard wallet - like Ledger !!! I will keep posting about this...protect yourself from unsafe

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" I will nag you until you order one...ok ? "
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As the saying goes in the crypto world, when your wallet is on-line or your coins are in an exchange... it's not IF...but WHEN

...because they will get hacked

The Nano S is amazing and can protect the private keys to My Ethereum Wallet - MEW allowing for a host of currencies like Litecoin and Ripple
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Bitcoin and business platforms based on Ethereum and new tangle networks like IOTA, and many others like encrypted email, open sourced github - decentralized - P2P peer-tp-peer, private, smart contracts, blockchain, validated transactions...

Blockchain is the future of everything

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The Nano S is great, I highly recommend.

If they support IOTA I will think about it to buy one. ;)

I will look in this wallet and other options and post about it...for now US customers are losing Bitfinex so no where to buy IOT

So for USA there is no possibility​ to buy IOTA anymore?

How much does it cost? I was looking for the safest wallet, and still cannot figure out what should I choose. Safety is on the first place...

I read an article that a developer hacked Trezor to prove it's system holes...either way I like the nano

muy buen post gracias por compartirlo