I now have Bitcoin Cash, symbol: BCH on Ledger Nano S and this is how you split the coin and receive your New Bitcoin Cash if BTC was on private keys

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On the Chrome app on your computer Open Ledger Manager and download the BCC-BCH app on Ledger device.

This may require you to delete other coin apps, but keep bitcoin, add BCC. Once it's on the device/Ledger:

Open the Bitcoin Cash application on the Ledger device,

Open the Bitcoin Wallet Chrome app
Select Settings / Blockchains / Cash / Split

Click on Receive, write down the address : I usually copy it and paste in email or google doc temporarily...
Copy the address and then go back to the BCC Wallet app page
Select Settings / Blockchains / Cash / Main

Click on Send, paste the wallet address, and send to this address.

Give it a minute then you will have the two apps on the Ledger : BTC and BCH (Cash), and you will have an equal amount of BHC as you had BTC. Comprende ?

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Hey, sorry, unfortunately even this has lost me. What is Ledger Manager? Do you mean:

  • Go to the Chrome web store?
  • Download Ledger Manager?

I did that and it says "To begin, connect your Ledger Wallet. If asked, enter your pin code."

So I need to create a Ledger wallet? I see you can add a Ledger Wallet for Bitcoin. Just did that.
But I tried to find a Ledger Wallet for Bitcoin Cash and they don't have one.

I see there's a Bitcoin Cash Price Ticker. Should I add that?

And what do you mean by the Ledger device?

Sorry if I'm being dense. I actually haven't done any of these things before.

The ledger device is your Ledger Nano S
start here:

Click on Apps to see the wallets and the Manager App. BCC or BCH is a wallet that uses the Bitcoin Wallet, just like Litecoin, you control it by clicking on the LTC or BCH, etc on you Nano S

Ohhh, sorry! That didn't occur to me. I don't have a Ledger Nano yet, but I want one. My BTC is on a hot wallet.

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