Bitconnect past the flash crash and other rumors ??? worth investing...?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Some say yes and other say no it's a scam, but their are those who are making money...anyone on this thread ???

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I am going to add a small amount to the lending wallet and see what happens.

If you do join, and it's like a mlm, use my referral: silverbit
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Yes..and like MLM those that get in late loose

I would stay well away from BitConnect. They guys who are making money are their salesmen-in-chiefs, out there hustling & hyping like there's no tomorrow for BCC - and there may not be many more tomorrows for their coin.

90% of the supposed volume, value, and info. on this coins' exchange is all run on one web-site: Furthermore, nobody has been allowed to withdraw ANY of their profits from that site, in the form of BitCoin, ever since their supposed "hack" a couple of weeks ago. Why would anybody even be considering investing in BCC right now? It's stupid, stupid, stupid. Believe me - you'll be thanking me later.