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RE: Ethereum (ETH): Breakout! Will Bitcoin Follow Ethereum?

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it's clear bitcoin's market dominance should return to 75 percent of the entire space.

I actually see a 150 percent potential upside in bitcoin for 2018.

Why? Well, BTC is still dominant by it's biggest user base and the biggest industry. Still, it faces a challenge in scaling up for wider use.

Bitcoin now can't handle more than six or seven (or, with the "Segregated Witness" protocol upgrade, it's 12 to 14) transactions a second. Compare that with credit cards, which involve thousands of transactions per second, so the criticism about bitcoin's ability to be useful at larger scales is understandable.

The scalability challenge results in high fees as well.

Exciting projects such as those could cause a significant spike in BTC. I would dare say in the realm of 60 to 70 percent with the potential upside of 100 percent — and maybe even more.


Am I missing something? You're saying BTC should rise up to 75% market dominance and then proceed to bring up reasons why it is "bad"?

Personally I feel like - despite the Altseason right now - a lot of shitcoins will die and/or died through the last correction, so dominance should rise imho.

Lol bitcoin will fall to 20-30% market dominace.
Alot of great projects are being made and will have real world use.
So saying that bitcoin will be the only is totaly one sided, maybe your saying that because you only invest in bitcoin which is NOT the smartest idea for now many altcoins will outpreform bitcoin by 10x.