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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Continuous New All Time Highs Expected!!

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did you guys see this announcement....holy sh$%T...good thing we use BitUSD BitEUR and others guys...this is a disaster...hope none of you are holding tether...actually its not that bad...30 million compared to other problems like with Ethereum and others makes this a drop in the bucket...but the timing related to the snowballing of Bitfinex and Tether having problems is really suspicous..and this really highlights the systemic risks related to Tether


Tether was always going to have issues. I don’t understand why people would use it.


thank god im fully out of tether... it was useful but at this point I dont think I even need it

i so glad i moved over to BitUSD....this is way better than moving into a bank account which is always watched 24/ i have friends that had accounts shut down by BofA and Wells because they were moving in and out too made them nervous about money laundering..heed this warning guys..use Bitshares multiple currency pairs to park funds..this way you can avoid getting you bank account shut down until you really want to move funds to a bank...cheers

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