Bitcoin tipping on Twitter? Jack Dorsey & Elizabeth Stark intervew - [Promoted]

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Bitcoin: Native Currency of the Internet

Jack on why Bitcoin?

Twitter CEO talk about Bitcoin tipping:

Youtube description:

Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter & Square) & Elizabeth Stark (CEO of Lightning Labs) join me to talk about the vision of Bitcoin as native currency of the internet. Bitcoin's principles, resilience, and being 'of the internet' are what make it special. In this special episode we discuss:

How Jack came to understand Bitcoin and view it as potentially the native currency of the internet
Why everyone is so excited about the Lightning Network
Lightning Torch
Square and the Cash App
Twitter & Bitcoin
Future internet business models possible with Lightning Network
Bitcoin as foundational to the internet and society

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not exactly...
This is asking or saying for native tipping support on Twitter

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you can send tips with #mydashwallet on twitter. do you mean with native: that there is tipping service by default, hosted by twitter inc?

pretty much...
Twitter CEO is thinking about doing something like that

Just that mydashwallet also works for Discord and telegram too

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Nice news but I gave up trying to predict this market years ago. I just treat bitcoin like another kind of silver. I add some to the pile every payday and go on with my life.

BITCOIN will succeed
People have to realize that BITCOIN has a limited amount of 21 million and there are billions of people from around the world that will never be able to own a whole BITCOIN because of its scarcity.

Think about it... Would you be one of them?

I get what you are saying and I also think Bitcoin is great. But just because something is scarce doesn’t mean it’s worth a lot.

For example I bet there is less than 21 million collectible stickers of your favorite sports team, yet they are probably not worth a fortune.

Let’s just hope for a bright future for all of us.

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The blockchain does not have the power to destroy real money. Real wealth is destroying Fiat. When fiat fails sure blockchain assets will rise but this is just a bubble transition. When all of your eggs are in one basket the beast system will speed up the inevitable collapse. Just because Jack Dorsey can give Joe Rogan 300k a month to sell out doesn't mean that people will sell out for currencies. Newstarget The whales here will find that they can't buy up everything when blackout wars begin. NaturalNews.

I hope people know how to make faraday cages. 5g is coming without concerns for safety like most technologies being forced on people to create addictive behaviors. I would know because of being addicted from a young age while the elite in my country subsidise foreign workers to destroy my country.

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im guessing your not old enough to remember before cell phones where main stream

Seems like you found the problem with guessing and would be wrong. Do you even have a point?

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before cell phones were main stream similar concerns to 5g were proposed same with 3g 4 g

not saying noe of those are harmful but not to the doomsday propaganda levels coming out of the U.S which i believe come from China securing majority of the worlds contracts for building 5g infrastructure

So you are saying that the US is demonizing the technology because it is contracted to China? Where are the telecom companies headquartered? Where do all profits flow?

I guess because you see the manufacturing and many other industries sold out to communist countries you think they control the reigns of power? I'm wondering if you have even heard of let alone seen the rabbit hole.

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well currently the USA dominates telecommunications and use their position to collect data emails,texts, social activity etc on everyone in the world
which is funny since this is what they claim china plans to do by building 5g infrastructure

its funny you mention the rabbit hole and are repeating popular propaganda from the USA maybe learn yourself instead of following views from the idiot box

There is no end with you. I investigate censored information, banned content, and shadowbanned content. You have yet to provide a counter argument. Just accusation. Funny how I have not had the telescreen channels for over a decade in my house.

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i would hope my end is far from now,
what do you need as proof?
the USA has used backdoors to collect emails phonecalls text messages for years and now they say that is the problem with china building 5g infrastructure and is the premise for banning chinese manufacturers latest being huawei

if you dont see the irony in this statement, sadly you are brainwashed beyond repair

"We're deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments that don't share our values to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks," FBI Director Chris Wray testified. "That provides the capacity to exert pressure or control over our telecommunications infrastructure," Wray said. "It provides the capacity to maliciously modify or steal information. And it provides the capacity to conduct undetected espionage"

This is very exciting and I am encouraged about Crypto.

yeah. i am also agree with you ....

Nice information. is it safe to bitcoin in 2019?

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yes, DASH has it

First you have to see if Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will survive in the next few years and have massive adoption

Lol.. It feels that the whole world is getting awakened now after such a huge success in bitcoin adaptation.
Now every one wants a slice of the big pie :)

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Please suggest how I could improve on my 2 cents advice am providing!

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Twitter entonces lo piensa usar en su red?

saludos a todos buen pot espero abrir pronto mi blog de bitcoin tambien (Y)

I like this post, but you have no interest in this post, thank you

hi bro . what are you saying about this.?

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Thanks for sharing this valuable tips for us sir

en cuanto creen que estará el bitcoin en el año 2019.. sus predicciones

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