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One of the rare legit cryptocurrency show.


Shinobius -
Janine -
Rick -

This video is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0):


Bitcoin Mom's First Bitcoin-Cannabis Transaction

Cold Card Vulnerability

Fidelity Custody Service In March?

VanEck Claiming “Bitcoin Investors Moving Into Gold”

Iran Drafts Cryptocurrency Legislation

Fast Bitcoins Cash-For-Bitcoin Exchange Launches In England Bitcoin Vouchers

Tangem To Produce Banknotes For Marshall Islands Cryptocurrency

Taproot & Graftroot

77% DNM’s Don't Use Mixing

Two Groups Dominate Hacks

Kik Taking SEC To Court Over ICO Enforcement Action

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Wow its a long hangout dude!
But its worth listening though for crypto lovers.
Keep it up!

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Awesome buddy!
A great document for all.

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Could you do a video about what you think could be the new trend of 2019? From 2017-2018 it's ICO. What about now ?

better post .

Thanks for this post.

Wow, this post really made the top trend.