Andreas M. Antonopoulos - On Bitcoin Maximalism

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Youtube description:

Andreas M. Antonopoulos (best-selling author, speaker and bitcoin educator) joins me in this episode to talk about his views on Bitcoin Maximalism as contrasted with a multicoin view. Andreas and I disagree and present clashing visions. We also discuss other points such as whether Bitcoin challenges central banking more specifically, or banking generally.
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don't normally watch this stuff but super interesting


How do you classify this "stuff" ?

Frontpage stuff or Andreas Antonopoulos stuff?


Basically "cryptotheory" stuff, lol

Is possible to get this podcast in text?

About 178.5$ has been spent to promote this content.

This post is over rewarded for "sharing content".


You can never over reward anything with Andreas M. Antonopoulos in it.


That's almost true. :)

Great interview! Loved it

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