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Before writing a series of bit coins private key, public key, address related to the post
Learn about Base58 codecs
Continue to learn Base58 and Base58Check
Continue to learn the private key of private currency and the representation of private key
A little bit of progress every day: learn the public key of bitcoin
A little bit of progress every day: the coin's public key compression and address
Real money out of the truth: test the generated bit currency address ????
A friend is very concerned about me in private: is not busy?
In fact, I do these are in order to meet the bitbell bifurcation.

biffurcation is very confused
Saying that the original say good, August 1 is not bifurcated, and then overnight style has changed, said August 1 certainly biffurcation
And then said that the exchange support, that exchange does not support, completely confused.
And made us these rookie disoriented. private key
Can not directly take the private key
I consulted the experts, saying that putting money on blockchain was safe because could get the private key.
Including @ deanliu teacher and so I said
then I went to find a long time, did not find the place to obtain private key
later online search a bit, said the new version of the can not directly export the private key

Indirect way is also very troublesome
Since it can not be direct, then it means that you can use an indirect twists and turns to achieve a way
Baidu, it is not the case, but that torture ah
also rely on third-party script, in short, I am very confused

Create a new private key & address
Then use this article to see friends of the Chinese district @kenchung

How to get the private key of your Bitcoin address on How do I get your private address on
Carefully read it, the original is not directly from get private key
but use generate a new set of private key address
and then put this into the wallet and
then the coin Turn over, it would be a good way

Build your own private key & address
Saying that I think @kenchung good way
and then I consult tens of thousands of bigwigs big guys
who say that the address of the tool to generate security, and some say unsafe, and some suggestions I review all the code (simply kill I), and some suggested that I under the core wallet, said 130G, and it is said that I have completed the synchronization, may be in October.

In short, I am confused.

And then there are big brothers said they are writing their own wallet
I thought, write a purse do not understand, generate to the address and private key should also have some viability it is
estimated to have the opportunity to be completed by August 1.

So there is a series of learning process was born.

Eventually generating a set of private keys and addresses.
And then last night to throw the bitter coins have their own address.
Apprehension of a night, will there be any loopholes, the currency all gone?
Comfort their own that if the address because of their own problems, resulting in the currency was stolen, when the school is not fine, pay tuition it.

Get up in the morning, okay, the currency is still safe.
Then patience and so on bifurcated it

to sum up
Although it is toss, but this process harvest a lot of money, understand a lot of things do not understand before.
This series of articles for the time being so far, easy to write, learning process is too tired.

@ Deanliu teacher Liu came to see, do not put your coins are here to me, I help you free custody.


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