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Tuesday, December 5th provided yet more hard evidence of Wall Street's epic criminality, first came another $1.5 BILLION in notional gold thrown as the market to bring the price down to 4-month lows, while at the same exact time, Wall Street shorts dragged GBTC, the over the counter BTC fund, down 25% intraday while the actual price of BTC was up nearly 5% all day long.

It's more proof that not only can Wall Street NOT be trusted, the criminals on the Street would LOVE to destroy the free market in Bitcoin through the Bitcoin futures market which launches December 10th.

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That is ok Dave, Clif hints that shorting bitcoin long term goes real bad for the bankers. Can't wait. I'm sure you will cover it. Will be glad to watch.
Keep up the good spirit, we win!

its hard live, thank you to informed @sgtreport :)

Thanks for sharing your post @sgtreport

Bitcoin is the intelligence community prototype that was designed to entice everyone into the new crypto world with the allure that it is a distributed, limited, private, and uncontrolled crypto. In other words, the intent was to create a "people's movement" based upon sound principles of money that we have not had for a very long time. That was the carrot.

The carrot has worked extremely well and people are now flying into cryptos, but at some point The Powers That Shouldn't Be want to shift us into a new crypto system that doesn't look like this at all. This means that any cryptos that fulfil these "freedom-oriented" features will be targeted in the future either for fundamental changes or removal. This will be the use of the stick.

You and Lynette Zang have obviously clarified this in regards to the AC Chain story and Mike Maloney points it out here as well in regards to national cryptos:

Bitcoin will be under consistent attack as well as any other cryptos that don't fit their future control model. Way too many people are under the incredibly false delusion that the free crypto model has already won. These guys have hundreds of trillions of dollars at their disposal. They could buy up the entire crypto market in a heartbeat if they wanted to. Do you really think they are against cryptos? They would have crushed cryptos already if that were the case. However, they only want certain types of cryptos in the future, and this is what they are developing and planning for. The "free" Bitcoin model does not fit in that future.

Want more proof, have a read of my recent post on Christine Lagarde praising cryptos as the future of money and the end of banking as we know it (and at the Bank of England of all places). If this isn't a sign that the central banks want and are behind cryptos, I don't know what is. Turkeys don't vote for Thanksgiving, so clearly their plan has nothing to do with the destruction of the banks, but rather the creation of a new type of crypto that they fully control and that fully transforms the banking system as we know it into something far more ominous. This is what Mike Maloney points out in the above video as well.


The gray matter between my ears, meaning my BRAIN....
...tells me, U R, Spot On!!!

-newsandviews-, your analyses always are, remarkable.

Hey Sean[!], I think you better pay attention here.
If I was to 'make-a-bet', I'd do it on what -newsandviews- is saying.

Folks, best you pay attention to us who've got the long term experience and can articulate it.
Cheers X-


Thanks a lot X-.. It's always very much appreciated to get your opinion and insights!

In the post I've linked to above, I've laid out some potential ways that they will likely try to achieve their goal of killing the more "freedom-oriented" cryptos. I assume it won't be far off that they start this effort in earnest. You can already see the exchanges ramping up their controls. This is just the beginning of these efforts I'm sure.


Father took degrees at Johns Hopkins (1940's), Wharton School-U.Penn(1950's) and NYUniversity.
During the 1960's He was working on 5th Avenue NYC.
Believe me, I know what I'm talkin' about.
Operation Paperclip anyone???

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Would you advise anyone to invest in gold? Buy more gold?

Bitcoin has of late become a thorn in the flesh for major financial markets, inspite of their antagonistic disposition, bitcoin will refuse to die.

Get ready for the mother of all short squeezes incase of heavy short selling in Bitcoin Futures !!! Shorting Fingers will get burnt !!!