Life changing? If you had 1BTC what would be different?

in bitcoin •  last year

Here is an intriguing thought.

What would be different for you in your life if you had 1BTC. Just 1BTC.

For some people it could be life changing.

It would be mindboggling at the amount of things you could do with just 1BTC.

To help you answer: Would you hold? Would you invest? Would you spend?

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1 BTC is a lot but not life changing


Agreed, that is why I stated I think it is for some.
In some countries you can buy a car, pay rent for a year etc.

I would probably reinvest it on steemit.


Not a bad investment.

If I had 1 BTC then in 2030 I'll be able to retire, if I'm to believe the news out there. So, quite something!


So you would hold?


Hold Bitcoins? Right now? Hell yes. Unless you are day trading in order to accumulate more bitcoins.
I don't even pay attention to the dollar value of crypto, I do all my maths in BTC value because I am long on Bitcoin. As long as I get more and more little bits of BTC I will be fine, because in the future BTC will be up greatly

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