Semtroneum's upvote bot analysis

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Introduction weekly upvote bot analysis

Dear people on Steem! As some of you may know i have been active on Steem eversince i got here and i came to an idea to share my results on using upvote bots with you. I am going to share this with you on week basis so you can see what it can do for you in the hopes we can all grow our Steemit pages!

These post contain small amounts of text and are more focust on the image shown below. Further questions can be asked in the comment section below, or DM me on my instagram

With credits towards

Upvote bot analysis 31-8-2018

Last name is buildawhale. Sorry man :P

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Don't use them, but I guess they're useful to those who do

They can make a huge difference once working with bigger amounts of money ;)! And i really enjoy your reply on my post everytime. Try to do the same at you man!

I really wants to know is it safe to use bot to get up votes in these platform 😐😐😐

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it is because the people that upvote for us are witnisses. They have alot of Steempower and we give them Steem or SBD to do vote for us. Its a win win :)

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