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Bitcoin's value and price
So i had a discussion with a partner yesterday about buying in Bitcoin at these lows we are at right now. He said that price and valua are alligned and that you get alot of value for what you pay for.

For those who do not know the differene between price and value here is a quote from Warren Buffet " Price is what you pay, value is what you get’? 

If you saw a phone selling for $600 with all features you like and the same phone, but a week later is selling for $605 dollar is an example of something that has not increased in value, but has increased in price. Because the phone still has the same storage, features and looks, however it's now selling for a higher price.

The same is with Bitcoin. We keep convincing ourselves that with every major support Bitcoin reaches it's a good zone to buy (good value, good price). Don't get me wrong this is kind of obvious in investing "buying in low selling high" However nobody not even the big guys and the crap talk at cnbc know if bitcoin is at it's true value right now. They say they know based on this data and that data.... But may i remind you that the group of people that's actually able to make accurate statements about the value and price is very very small. Those People are the people who are able to calculate probability and are unique people who are extremely well educated. We simply get convinced by some youtubers who read their disclaimer out loud and still advice people to invest in Bitcoin BECAUSE NOW IT'S CHEAP!

I simply wouldn't be surprised we are going to much lower lows nobody is going to expect. And if i'm wrong it's fine, because i don't care if i miss the boat. Missing the boat and making poor choices oftens leads to more losses than just waiting patiently. Something this generation struggles with alot.


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