Perception to deal with cryptocurrency negativity!

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"People who want to stop bitcoin, will try from the shadows. Then they will buy up, create laws, and create their own, when they realise they can't stop it. All these will happen silently, as they turn away people from bitcoin by making the price crash with regulations and negativity. In the meantime, if you lose interest in bitcoin, you will one day realise that they never lost interest. They only distracted you so that they get there first and stop you, even though you were more aware than them at one time. Don't be distracted. See the bigger picture. Bitcoin is here to stay. They know it, and you should too. Regulations will only make privacy coins and decentralization more attractive. Banks can hide behind reasons like customer protection, but their days are numbered. They know what bitcoin can do, and they will adapt to work their own version. Blockchain will be everywhere, and cryptocurrency will be of many forms and the norm. Privacy coins will be in huge demand, which means high in value. 3rd generation cryptocurrencies that will work across blockchains and with compliancy, will go mainstream. AI and VR will be the norm and provide us more use cases for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. World change will happen using blockchain, and cryptocurrencies will help us to overcome all the hurdles. It will happen, just don't expect it to happen without friction"-collected article from my respected author and cryptocurrency mentor Belal Miah.

Guys! Just feel the reality of the current market negativity and who are creating this FUD. Then, try to quest the answer of why this FUD around cryptocurrency market is being created by billionaires. Hope you will not be the victim of this artificial FUD. Join free for learning current earning opportunities

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