Securix Extends Private Sale to Benefit Investors During Unfavourable Cryptocurrency Market Conditions

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited), a token-driven mining company, has reached a decision to extend its private sale stage by 21 days in light of currently unfavourable conditions in the cryptocurrency market. Aiming to provide optimal value for those interested in investing in the company's SRXIO token, this decision comes shortly after Securix's achievement of its soft cap target of $3 million USD.

Instead of initiating the public ICO crowdsale on September 7th, 2018 as initially planned, Securix will postpone this start date to September 27th, 2018. The company's leadership team remains hopeful that market conditions will improve in the meantime, thereby enhancing the value of SRXIO token holders' investment (as the SRXIO token is pegged to $1.00 USD).

"First and foremost, we want to thank all of our private sale contributors to date for their support," says Securix CEO, Jac Donkersloot. "Securix has achieved incredibly promising results in a short period of time, and this progress wouldn't have been possible without these contributions. As we respond to current market conditions and strive to deliver the maximum possible value to our SRXIO token holders, we are postponing the beginning of our ICO crowdsale to hopefully benefit all of our investors in the short- and long-term."

Remaining confident that it will ultimately achieve its hard cap target, Securix will continue working tirelessly to develop its business, explore new fruitful partnerships, and deliver long-term investor value.

"In keeping with our commitment to honesty, transparency, and integrity, this decision to postpone our ICO crowdsale start date has been reached with the best interests of our future token holders in mind. Securix is here to stay, and our long-term vision is what drives our flexibility in making such responsive decisions for the benefit of all parties involved."

We at Securix have decided that the extended private sale's minimum investment will be 5000 SRXIO tokens.

Stay tuned via the company's website and social media for updates. Interested candidates may join Securix's whitelist at this time.

About Securix

Securix is a blockchain technology company specializing in mining cryptocurrency using green energy. Through its asset-backed SRXIO token, Securix is lowering the barriers to entry for cryptocurrency investors—while helping token holders earn passive income through an innovative monthly gross revenue sharing business model.


I am happy to note that the Securix team is always thinking how to make use of the current situation and decide based on what can be good for the project. I am supporting this decision to extend the private sale as the market situation now is not really good...

Congratulations on the Securix project! It really is a very complete product. I'm following !!!

This innovative and strong company! Assumes a big profit! A wonderful project, with a promising future! Responsible and effective team! I advise everyone to participate in this project!

The team and board of this project are of excellent quality and will push #Securix to great heights i'm sure!

An interesting project with a very promising idea and a serious look into the future.Great success to the winning team!

SecurixIO A promising project of work and sufficient experience in a narrow specialisation allow us to maintain high level and provide us with perfect positions in the market.

right decision
The team must be flexible in decision-making.

Right decision The
Team must be flexible in

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Great teamwork. I see your future success, which will not have to wait long.

Securix project is definitely innovative, timely and humane. Almost half of the mining is distributed to the participants of the ecosystem! And, bitcoin mining takes place in an environmentally friendly way. By attracting green electricity: wind power, solar panels

We will hope that I will go sales well and in every possible way we will support you. I have personally bought your tokens because I believe in you

The unfavorable situation on the crypto-currency market, when, for some unknown reason, there is a drop in the ETH in particular, on which all ICOs are involved, it certainly affects negatively the interest of investors!
I hope that the team Securix adequately cope with the difficulties, decision to extend the private sale!

We discover days after days the potential of this project
Thanks to the team good luck.

Yes i think result will surpass all expectations. The SECURIX team very powerful and the project will take the leading positions


The team and board of this project are of excellent quality and will push #Securix to great heights i'm sure!

Nice project and i would recommend this to my friends. It's very rare opportunity to be part of this amazing project so don't miss it.

The project is very multifaceted. The initial price of the coin is very attractive for investors!

Top project, I recommend more detailed study of all technical documentation.

It`s very interesting project with smart concept and great solutions.

After studying the white paper, you can immediately understand that the project offers a unique ecosystem that gives great opportunities.

Wow! It's interesting technology is one of the few recently. I recommend to participate now! An excellent opportunity for participate! We a waiting for results from a intellectual project team!

I'm sure not gonna miss out on this.
Ill advise everyone to be a partaker too.

Securix is marking a new era in the crypto mining industry

Pushing back the ICO start time seems like a reasonable step to take with the market being in such a poor state. Lots of indicators are showing the market should be close to turning around.

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