ETHLend Airdrop: How To Get Free Coins

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

ETHLend will provide an airdrop of 15’000’000 LEND for all Eidoo wallet users in January... here's how to get in on it.

Not sure how this coin will do, but free coins are free coins.

Step 1

Download the Eidoo Wallet App. Available for iOS and Android, just search for it in the store/marketplace for your device. -Fun fact: it works for other ETH tokens as well... so that's nice.

Step 2

Follow the instructions in the App to create a new wallet. It can be empty, but it must be created and backed up for the airdrop to process the funds.

That's it!

This all has to be done by January 10th 12 p.m. GMT... but the exact drop date still hasn't been released... That's 1 more day to get it done, so get hopping if you want in! I just finished mine.

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