France and Germany will regulate crypto currencies in March

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Germany and France shares the same worry, and shares also the goal of regulating Bitcoin - France's prime minister Bruno Le Maire said in a press conference with his german "colleague" Peter Altmaier on Thursday.


" We have a responsibility to our people, and that is to explain and reduce the risk by implementing the necessary regulations.>

This is like you all understand just lies. "We need to protect you from yourself" is what they are saying. "You are too stupid to survive under freedom, so we need to make you a little less free. And oh..btw, we need more of your money to keep our own ponzi scheme going"

Le Maire also said about Bitcoin;

" I don't like it. It can hide activities such as drug trafficking and terrorism" And there is obvious speculative risk. We need to look at it, study it"

Yeah, you obviously do. Because as any person who's not been living under a rock for the past year, criminals and terrorists use A) YOUR Fiat money, or B) privacy coins like Monero.

When it comes to my own country, Norway - I haven't really heard them talk much about cryptos. I think that's a clever move so far, to wait and see where other countries are implementing the wrong regulations. Because this is not going away, countries who will keep an open policy towards crypto currencies will be countries with a booming economy. Norway always talks about "What are we going to do after the Oil".. well, I think the answer should be quite obvious.

We should be a mecca of freedom and of innovation which we will become simply by allowing crypto currencies and not implementing too much regulations. Preferably none, but I know that is too much to ask for.

I will also ask that we change the flag and rename Norway to Hodlway


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What pisses me off is that banks caused a global meltdown of economies all around the world despite any government regulations. And then after the banks almost destroyed the global economy not one b(w)anker went to prison, and many of them got fucken huge bonus payouts. But when the cryptocurrency world threatens their bloodsucking monopoly they pull out the terrorist tag. Hello, there was no bitcoin around when the planes flew into the twin towers. That was all made possible through funding that was channeled through the fiat banking system. I hope that the cryptocurrency system sends them to the trash bin.

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Thank you. I wrote it because I was angry with bankers running down cryptocurrencies when they're a bunch of hypocrites.

I think in Iceland there were some bankters that went to prison am I right?

You are right, Iceland was the only country that jailed the crooks!

Good idea for a country to see the opportunities in crypto coins for themselves and their citizens and not just regulate it to death. Let's hope Norway (Hodlway :) ) is so wise to do this. I am really pessimistic about Germany...

Yeah...Germany has gone insane. What happend to you guys? We're pretty fucked up here as well..but jesus. :)

I don't have much hope for Norway..and I'm slowly losing my "nationalistic touch"..I mean, I love our culture and everything..but as a liberterian I have my limits. If people here want to fuck up their own country, own culture and even their own race by collective suicide..good luck with that. I'm outta here.

Looking for good countries to have a bug out property in. Poland, Lithuania or perhaps Estonia...Greenland would be perfect :)

Yes, I don't know what happened to Germany but by now I think people will get what they wish for or at least don't fight against. But, like you, I do not want to be part of it.

It looks the the Poles, the Czechs and Hungarians are not towing the EU line. You have more options.

It can hide activities such as drug trafficking and terrorism

You know... Terrorists/ criminals can use fiat suitcases filled with money. They can use the tokens known as the "packages of drugs". They can exchange currencies (guns for drugs) and they can exchange services (murder for trafficking).

Honestly, after 5.564 years of criminal activities, I have no idea how poor criminals survived without the cryptos.

And there is obvious speculative risk. We need to look at it, study it"

And conclude "oui, c'est bizarre... ". Instead, give us the money to Pole Emploi (program for unemployment) that charges 55% of all your money to - give you your own money for starting the business.

And charges 30% of your money to recalculate you your own rights (takes 1 minute).

Thank you for providing the non-speculative environment.
If France give the freedom to their own people, it would become Switzerland in a year.

It almost amusing how they seem to pretend they all crime will end if they ban crypto.

Crimes started with the arrival of BTC, Illuminati wants you to believe that there was the organized crime once in the history, but it's a lie. Our whole history is a lie, wake up CryptoPeople!!! Al Capone never existed!

Crimes started with the arrival of BTC, Illuminati wants you to believe that there was the organized crime once in the history, but it's a lie. Our whole history is a lie, wake up CryptoPeople!!! Al Capone never existed!>

Exactly. lol. They are either insane or they think we're fucking stupid. Unfortunately most people seem to buy into this logical fallacy.

I'm not so sure if french people could go from being communists/socialists which they've been for pretty much 200 years to all of a sudden take responsibility for their own lives. I highly doubt it. Freedom = person responsibility. And we all know how much of that a regular western-european is able to

My bet is on Denmark, Switzerland, or some of the eastern european countries.

Haha. Yup, when I read the news of the Finance minister here in France, I realized that he didn't know anything about what he's talking about. A lot of politicians are talking for the sake of talking. It will be more interesting to see how he's going to enforce taxation on cryptos.

Send a letter to your newspapers and government using Protonmai (secured encrypted mail) and tell them you are a anonymous group urging your government to do the right thing regarding cryptos.I will post the a letter here soon.

Thanks for the heads up on this. I've been keeping an eye on the German cryptospace. The government has already made it difficult there. It astonishing that for such a large developed country, and especially with such a concentration of tech companies in Berlin. But, we don't have to look much further than the German banksters. They feel very threatened. I feel sorry for the Germans.

I'm sorry..but, Germany is just the weirdest country and people on the planet. You're obviously one of the smartest people in the world. You make the best cars, you've got brilliant engineers, artists, writers, composers..but you have a thing with fascism. Two world wars..and now you're doing it again - just in a different way, ..this time..destroying yourself and your own culture!

No wonder why they want cryptos gone..seems like they are pretty set on implementic barbaric culture instead.

I am not German, but have dated a few of them and lived there for a while. Yes, the Germans have their quirks, but never confuse the people with the power hungry that rule over them. Almost any people can be herded into doing the bidding of the masters. Here's relevant quote on that topic.

It works the same in every country.

Hodlway, great stuff and love the flag.

If only it was a bit warmer there I might consider moving!

It's probably warmer than you might think ;) Got some wind currents and gulf stream going on up here. Quite green and warm in the summer. But sure, nothing like Italy or Spain.

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I think that history will demonstrate the fiat is the financial instrument ($$) of choice among criminal cartels and terrorist groups. Public blockchains leave an immutable record of transactions, hardly desirable situation for the aforementioned. Thanks for the post.

Exactly. Their arguments are flawed..I'm not sure I believe if they are that ignorant. But I think they believe people are that ignorant.

The countries won't let us be a mecca of freedom sir. That is so sad. I think cryptos are the chance to be against the countries and the states.
-Greez Lukas

Very well said! The thing is, that they are clueless what is going on and only can sense, how crypto and the freedom coming with it, takes away their power. This will get dirty soon I guess, because taking away power will lead to a fight of life and death in an animalistic way. The EU will do everything they can to prevent this and unfortunately they still have the power to do so.

Hopefully there will be some hubs of freedom left in Europe where everyone either a programmer, engineer or investor can move and build up the greatest society the world has seen.

Typical government playbook on cryptocurrencies (and anything else) to chip away at your freedoms and let the state take care of you. Scare you and tell you it's for your own good. When really it is for their own good. Very sad indeed.

ten points

HAhha Hodlway! Sounds like a country I would love to. Joke aside though I think you are absolutely right about the benefits of keeping an open mind to crypto. If your whole population are crypto millionaires surely that won't be bad for the economy hehe

At least Canada is really slow to enact new laws I think we have a few years before regulation. Also you can send money by western union with no ID below a thousand dollars so I think the whole terrorist drug dealer thing is a red herring

Good thing. There is a lot I don't like about Canada these days with their Sweden-like immigration politics, but good for you guys if they are lagging with crypto regulations. Any country lagging, for whatever reason will win - because countries making regulations now are insane...they are risking A LOT.

There are no Muslim ghettos in Canada. We are twenty times the size of Sweden. The whole allowing people to cross illegally from the USA is crazy though, they have to stop that shit. Everyone getting kicked of America is heading here....

The government wants to get something with a crypto currency. They say that crypto-currencies are dangerous for us, they come up with any excuses to put their hand in the pocket of ordinary people.

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Det har du helt rett i!

is happening .. good info anyway. @orlandojrobaina

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Any country that becomes a blockchain powerhouse is set up to have one of the highest economic growth in the coming years.

Embracing new technology is always wise, and I find curious how this politicians talk about how crypto makes crimes easier... well the internet also makes crimes easier, that doesn’t mean the technology is not awesome and world changing.

Ps: I obviously knew you were Scandinavian but not Norwegian! I made a presentation in my university about your country comparing how your country managed their oil vs how Venezuelan and Nigeria managed theirs. The investment fund in Norway, financed by oil is incredibly huge!!!

Give freedom a chance! 🍻

china korea now france and germany blah blah fud fud fud fud fud fud fud
makes u wonder if there where groups trying to stop the wheel in paleolithic times
Sorry was commenting the france germany stance not the article,
anyway after the korean fud how many korean officials have had investigations started against them for trading with inside knowledge
what about the case with j.p.morgan slagging off bitcoin claiming to fire any of his employees caught on investing while heavily investing himself
how come you add the word crypto in front of the word currency and people just turn strange not being able to comprehend the most simple correlations? governments banning crypto so what moneygram will be illegal because they want to use xrp?progress cant be stopped and there will be a lot of changes in the coming years if your scared of cryptocurrencies just think electronic payment systems basicly its the same thing.only without the scare word crypto

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